PHOTO BOOTH: Midwest Film Festival’s 14th Annual Women & Gender Non-Conforming Filmmakers Night

For the 14th consecutive year, the Midwest Film Festival (MFF) hosted its Women & Gender Non-Conforming Filmmakers Night. The event showcases and celebrates the work of historically underrepresented filmmakers and their incredible stories. Nine short films were featured at the Gene Siskel Film Center on the evening of Monday, August 28th. 

The festival shared some exclusive photos with SCREEN Magazine, courtesy of photographer Claudia Maslon. Please enjoy some highlights from the event…

The evening’s lineup was led by films produced in the Midwest and/or produced by Midwest filmmakers. They included: 

Something Like Intimacy by Grecia Aguilar 

ROAD HEAD by Allison Torem 

We Want A by Michelle Joy Jardine 

little canoe (there’s enough room for everyone) by Morgan Daugherty

The Prize by Maura Kidwell & David Less 

Gnosis by Peaches Wilczak 

Flower Girl by Laney Naling 

Fraser Syndrome & Me by Kyle Anne Grendys 

An Outfit by Zohra & Isaias Pérez 

Executive Director, Erica Duffy has had the privilege to oversee Women & Gender Non-Conforming Filmmakers Night for four years now and reflects, “It’s an honor to continue hosting this wonderful gathering of underrepresented creatives. Our industry and community is well served to include all perspectives, all voices and allow them to be heard. This night shows that and is a must see for everyone.” 

Established in 2005, MFF is an organization committed to the film scene of the Midwest and is dedicated to strengthening the Midwest filmmaking community. Events like this one look to foster creators seeking to gain a foothold in the industry.

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