PHOTO BOOTH: Kenneth Branagh, Rebecca Hall, Fawzia Mirza Highlight Chicago International Film Festival

The 57th Chicago International Film Festival, North America’s longest-running competitive film festival, brought a vibrant, star-studded, and well-attended festival back to the Windy City this October. Guests included directors Kenneth Branagh, Rebecca Hall, and Fawzia Mirza, and SCREEN has the pics for you…

And here are even more lovely photos from the October festivities, featuring filmmakers and filmlovers attending the iconic festival… Photographers include Barry Brecheisen, Timothy M. Schmidt, and Dan Hannula

SCREEN’s Dan Patton interviewed Passing director and Golden Globe Nominated Actor Rebecca Hall, and you can enjoy that interview right here:

The Festival awarded prizes in the following categories: International Feature Film Competition, New Directors Competition, International Documentary Competition, OutLook Competition, and Short Film Competitions, as well as the Chicago Award for an outstanding film in the City & State program. Click here for the full list of winners.

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