'King Cake Trixie' by PETERMAYER

PETERMAYER, Utopic Bottle The Aroma Of Mardi Gras

New Orleans-based agency PETERMAYER is sharing a Mardi Gras tradition with the world. In a sexy new spot with a dash of humor, the creative shop highlights the release of Le Bébé, a custom fragrance that captures the aroma of King Cake, a Bundt-shaped pastry and Mardi Gras favorite.

According to Chief Creative Officer Matt Kuttan, the effort is a win for everyone. “Yes, a perfume that smells like King Cake,” he says. “Who could ask for anything more special this Carnival season?”

Kuttan adds that Chicago-based post production company Utopic did an “awesome” job editing the 30-second spot, which appears below.




Le Bébé by Tijon


The King Cake celebrates a number of holiday themes, including the Christian belief that three kings visited Baby Jesus. In New Orleans, it is often decorated in the Mardi Gras pallet of green, purple and yellow, and contains a small plastic figurine signifying a unique kind of good luck.

The person who gets the piece with the figurine usually has to buy next year’s King Cake.



Cara Benson, John Berglund creating Le Bébé

Petermayer partnered with New Orleans bakery Tartine and French Quarter parfumerie Tijon to capture the sweet essence of Mardi Gras in New Orleans by creating Le Bébé. The agency touts the aroma in a 30-second commercial combining sultry footage, soothing music and a well-placed bit of irony.



PETERMAYER is an independent, full-service agency of 80 employees headquarted in New Orleans, the “perfect place to stage revolutions, set up piracy outposts or open an advertising agency,” according to its website. Kuttan joined the shop as Chief Creative Officer in 2022. His previous experience includes staff and leadership positions at Leo Burnett, Saatchi X and Burrell.



Baker: Cara Benson @Tartine
Parfumer: John Berglund @ Tijon Perfumerie
Model: Trixie Minx @ Trixie Minx Burlesque

Edit: Suzie Moore @ Utopic 

Writer: Craig Moyer @ PeterMayer
Art Director: Jamie Muller @ PeterMayer
Producer: Alexis Vicknair @ PeterMayer
CD: Richard Landry@ PeterMayer
CCO: Matt Kuttan @ PeterMayer
Agency: peteramayer.com

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