Paris-Based Directing Duo FoodFilm Joins Chicago’s Strange Loop 

Live action production company Strange Loop Studios has signed Paris-based directing duo FoodFilm to its roster for exclusive commercial representation in the US.  

The tabletop-focused pair consists of Michael Roulier and Philippe Lhomme. The duo’s first collaboration stemmed during Michael’s primary focus on luxury still photography and Philippe’s tenure as Creative  Director at DDB. What began with food tests, culminated into a joint career making food content the dynamic style it is today. And it doesn’t end there. Their artful take on storytelling brings light to tone and  texture beyond food and beverage and into the worlds of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 

“The iconic imagery of food would not be what it is today without the work developed and created by  Michael and Philippe,” says Strange Loop EP, Luca Valente. “They revolutionized what food photography meant and continue to be trailblazers for what tabletop video can be. I loved seeing how their work didn’t  rely on CGI or robotic arms, but meticulously found the best ways to use technology to enhance in-camera  tricks highlighting tasteful detail. With AI being the latest tech already at the risk of over-use, their sensibility  to not be afraid, and rather be inspired and purposeful with their toolkit, makes for an exciting new chapter.” 

The duo’s work exudes tangible flavor and originality. Their sensual storytelling is developed in the writing  stage and carried through production and post, under their passionate supervision.

This behind the scenes look gives a glimpse of the dedication, artistry and tools utilized to create their signature content…

“Joining Strange Loop is like joining a new family,” muses Philippe Lhomme. “Our curiosity is insatiable as  we constantly push for new experiences. But to do so, we must feel a strong authentic connection.”  

“In our discussions with Strange Loop, and particularly with Luca, we are confident in that relationship and  similar bond on aesthetic. We are excited to discover new frontiers in the American market with this film  family,” adds Michael Roulier. 

The multi-lingual directors have created work within their studio in Paris as well as countless tabletop friendly studios across the globe. Their long and loyal client list includes Lindt, Nestlé, Sainsbury’s, Marks &  Spencer, Garnier and L’Oreal. 

“Strange Loop is delighted to be a part of how Michael and Philippe continue to push the boundaries of  scrumptious tabletop content and spearhead the industry forward,” adds Valente. 

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