It’s a Giant Squid! Optimus, BUNTIN, Bob Industries Team Up for SERVPRO’s Tall Task

Everybody could use a hug these days, but when it’s from a giant squid, it might be a different story. And in this case, a very funny one. Chicago’s post production pros at Optimus teamed up with Nashville-based Buntin and Bob Industries on the second installment of SERVPRO’s “There’s a Pro for That” campaign. The campaign offers viewers a peek behind the curtain of some of the most extreme and heroic successes by the seasoned pros at SERVPRO, demonstrating their ability to handle anything. 

And when they say “anything” they mean it. This hilarious spot displays how SERVPRO can handle the wreckage from even the most terrifying mythical creatures.

Let’s take a look at SCREEN’s Top Spot of the Week…

Optimus Powers Post; Editor Chats with SCREEN

Post production was led by Optimus, with editor Angelo Valencia at the controls. “The main approach for this piece was to try and balance giving enough time for the setup with time spent on the cool visuals and humor of seeing a giant squid,” Angelo shared with SCREEN. “[Director] Brigg [Bloomquist of Bob Industries] captured a lot of good moments with our main character and the Optimus VFX&Design team did a great job making everything come to life.”

Editor Angelo Valencia gets a hug… though not from a squid

As for what viewers will love most about the spot, Angelo declared, “I think viewers will connect with the humor of it all.”

“Plus who doesn’t like being hugged by a giant squid.”

We agree with Angelo. And who doesn’t love a hug to start the week? Thank you to Angelo for stopping by SCREEN and here is a look at the post production credits…

Post Credits: 
Executive Producer – Joanna Woods

VFX / Design Producer – Alex Campbell 

Assistant Producer – Helen Diep 

Editor – Angelo Valencia

Assistant Editor – Caralyn Moore

Sound Designer – Zach Scheitlin 

Colorist – Paul Galati 

Assistant Colorist – Colin Cubr

VFX Supervisor – Ryan Wood 

Lead Designer – Tyler Nelson 

Lead CG Designer – Luis Mayorga

VFX Artist – Spencer Seibert

VFX Artist – Dan Swierenga

Music Credits: 
Original Score – Freddy Avis

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