Open Television Announces 2022 OTV Fellows; Chicago’s Adhana Reid Among the Honorees

Earlier this year, Open Television announced the national expansion of its highly-anticipated fellowship for emerging writers, directors and producers. Today, they announce this year’s class of fellows.

This annual program is one of the the collective’s marquee initiatives designed to identify and activate intersectional artistry, stories and identities that are often marginalized by market and society because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, class, disability or citizenship status. 

After receiving record breaking applications from across the United States, OTV is excited to announce its first national cohort of artists: Adhana Reid (Chicago, IL), Shaan Dasani (Los Angeles, CA), Vee Hua (Seattle, WA) and Latasha Mercer (Brooklyn, NY).

Let’s get to know this talented quartet of creators…

Chicago’s Adhana Reid

In Adhana’s project Glo, Jade, a shy, out-lesbian high-schooler, falls into rollerskating as she struggles to garner the attention of Parkwood High’s most eligible queer, Glo.

Click here for more about Adhana and this project.

2022 Fellow Shaan Dasani

Shaan’s latest endeavor Project Polymer is a spy-genre short film featuring transgender actors of color in one of the most popular cinema genres in the world.

Click here for more about Shaan and this project.

OTV Fellow Vee Hua

Vee’s project Reckless Spirits is a hyperreal buddy comedy featuring two best friends—Yvette, a neurotic Korean-American therapist, and Syd, a gender-fluid Puerto Rican performance artist—who are led by a series of supernatural events into an uncanny new world of psychics, spirits, and a cult leader that’s threatening to tear their friendship apart.

Click here for more about Vee and this project.

OTV Fellow Latasha Mercer

In JustLatasha’s Inner Actions, JustLatasha plays “Latasha”, “Latasha”, “Latasha”, “Latasha”, and “Latasha” in this sketch comedy series from a Black Bi woman’s sense.

Click here for more about Latasha and this project.

Saluting the Team

OTV would like to thank all of the artists that applied for this opportunity and Adia Ivey (2021 OTV Fellow), Lena Elmeligy (2021 OTV Fellow), Terrence Thompson (2020 OTV Fellow), Grace Tran (2020 OTV Fellow), Karan Sunil (2019 OTV Fellow & OTV Integrity Board Member), Kyra Jones (OTV Integrity Board Member) and the entire OTV Leadership Team that served as this year’s jury.

Keep up with their careers and projects via OTV’s website weareo.tv and across the award-winning platforms social media channels.

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