‘One of the Boys’ Premiere Set for May 27th

Mark your calendars for this Saturday. Vibes Video Productions is proud to announce the premiere of One of the Boys, a comedic web series starring Hannah Eisendrath, Anania Williams, Ealon Broudreaux, Jack Miller, and Ethan Denk. It is written and directed by Jack Miller

One of the Boys is a campy take on the genre of gender comedy, depicting the sardonic humor of LGBTQ+ community in Chicago’s nightlife scene while deconstructing the “battle of the sexes” trope. When small-town Jo finds out her husband is leaving her for a man, she turns up at the apartment of an old friend: an up-and-coming Chicago drag queen named Clay. With the help of Clay’s household of queers, she unravels her husband’s web of deception, and together they enact (gay) revenge.

Anania Williams, a darling of TikTok whose account @anania00 has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers, plays Clay. Williams is known for their comedy and makeup artistry, and brings both to the role of a vibrant young drag queen. Alongside Hannah Eisendrath starring as down-on-her-luck Jo, the two deliver the over-the-top humor of the piece while maintaining the heart at the center of the show. 

This is the first collaboration between Vibes Video Productions, a company centering LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and neurodiverse voices established by Simone Brazzini and Leah Geisler, and Jack Miller, an emerging writer and director in the sphere of queer comedy. 

One of the Boys premieres this week on May 27th. You can watch the premiere as well as behind the scenes content on Instagram by clicking right here.

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