Northwest IL Film Office Represents a Motherlode of Americana

The resources represented by the Northwest Illinois Film Office include more than 5,000 square miles of virgin prairie, rolling hills, fertile pastures, picturesque farmland, historic towns, First Nation culture and the majestic Mississippi River. It is a motherlode of Americana, but that’s not all.

The area is also home to some of the country’s most notable filmmakers.

To help sharpen our focus on Northwest Illinois, Economic Development Director & Enterprise Zone Administrator Gary Camarano visits Screen Magazine.

Joining Gary in today’s “Filmmaker Focus” are:

Kelly Rundle, director and writer of the award-winning 2019 Sons & Daughters of Thunder whose historical documentary series Hero Street is currently sweeping through the festival circuit; and

Don Hatton, executive producer of the supernatural thriller and IndieFEST Award of Excellence winner The Blacklight

Here is our chat with the talented artists leading the Northwest Illinois filmmaking community…

To connect with Gary Camarano and his team at the Northwest Illinois Film Office, click right here.

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