Nora Kaye and Whitney Uland Get the Band Back Together in ‘The Cosmos Sisters’

It’s time to get the band back together! So say Nora Kaye and Whitney Uland, who co-wrote, co-directed and co-star in The Cosmos Sisters, a dark comedy about two high school best friends and bandmates who are reunited after some time apart following a tragedy.

In this exclusive interview with SCREEN’s Genna Mark, Nora and Whitney discuss their newest project, Christmas traditions, and may have the secret to what it takes to have a happy marriage. Yes, all of that rolled into one joyous interview!

Let’s hear when Genna and these two talented filmmakers had to share…

And now you’re ready to sit back and enjoy The Cosmos SistersYou can click right here to rent or buy the film this instant.

Here is the official trailer for the film, as Whitney & Nora attempt to resurrect their high school indie band and dive into the chaotic rabbit hole again…

Thank you to Whitney and Nora, and one last time, we’ll remind you to click right here to rent or buy The Cosmos Sisters.

And hey, maybe get that high school band of your own back together in the new year!

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