New York Film Office Names Chicago Film Office’s Thavary Krouch New Deputy Director

New York has lured another Chicagoan away to their bustling city. Right around this time last year, Chicago Film Office Director Kwame Amoaku resigned from his post and soon accepted the job as New York’s Deputy Film Commissioner. One of his core teammates in Chicago, Thavary Krouch, has now leapt to New York to serve as Amoaku’s Deputy Director.

Krouch announced the news on social media, declaring herself “Honored, humbled, grateful, and fired up to be reunited with the one and only Kwame Amoaku” in the following post…

A Look Back at Thavary’s Tenure in Chicago

Krouch’s role as the Independent Film Coordinator at the Chicago Film Office centered on serving the needs of the local film and media industry as advocate and liaison. Responsibilities included the local community of filmmakers, advocacy organizations, festivals, distributors and independent film & media venues. Krouch served as a liaison with city government to create professional development tools and opportunities for convening and networking, and facilitated permit and operation concerns on behalf of local film and media productions.

What’s Next for the Chicago Film Office

Former Assistant Director of the EPICS Office at Northwestern University’s School of Communication Jonah Zeiger was appointed the new Chicago Film Office’s Deputy Commissioner following Amoaku’s departure. Zeiger will be tasked with finding a replacement for Krouch in the months ahead.

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