New Thrive Colour Collaborates on Three Feature Films, Including Bruce Willis Thriller

A new colorist collective is off to an auspicious start. Matt McClain, Thrive Colour Founder/Colorist, announces the completion of the company’s work on three new feature films: A Day to Die, an action film written, directed, and produced by Wes Miller, starring Kevin Dillion, Bruce Willis, and Frank Grillo; The Unknown Country, directed by Morrisa Maltz, starring Lily Gladstone, as a young woman on a road trip seeking her place in the world; and Boon, an adventure film directed by Derek Presley, starring Neal McDonough as mercenary Nick Boon.

“We opened Thrive Colour eight months ago with the goal of doing exceptional work for the best people in the business. So far, so good!,” says Matt McClain. “Each of these three independent films offered us the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant filmmakers. It has been so rewarding to help bring their stories to life. It’s also been a really exciting way to launch our new company.”

Here is your first look at A Day to Die, starring Kevin Dillion, Bruce Willis, and Frank Grillo

Derek Presley, director of Boon said, “Matt was killer; he did a great job. He flat-out made our film better than it was when we brought it to him – and that’s just what you want in a colorist. We’d work with him again in a heartbeat.” Jason Starne, producer/editor of “Boon” added, “That guy goes above and beyond. He was not only a brilliant colorist, he also provided all the deliverables for the film.”

Here is your first look at Boon…

Meet the Team Behind Thrive Colour

Thrive Colour is owned by husband-and-wife team Kristen and Matt McClain. Kristen is owner and operations manager, and Matt is the company’s founder and lead colorist. Employing the latest technologies and work-flow systems – including the ability to online finished products – Thrive Colour offers LA- or NYC-level capabilities at a Dallas location.

Agile and always open to new ideas, Matt has a reputation for being a great creative partner.  “I spent 20+ years working with some of the leading companies in both LA and Dallas, and I’m lucky to have learned from the best. A colorist’s role is a uniquely collaborative one. Our new offices give us the opportunity to do that remotely, but I always love being in the same room with the people I’m working with,” says Matt. “Sometimes the best input comes from a quick glance or change of expression. It’s subtle, but meaningful – just like the work we do.”

Thrive Colour is at home on screens of any size. Since opening its doors last July, the company has also done color work for commercial clients like Toyota, the Salvation Army, and The Home Depot.

The McClains live in Dallas with two daughters, two rescue dogs, a bunny named Moose, and eight chickens (Kung Pao, General Tso, BBQ…). When not polishing video images in darkened rooms, you’re likely to find the McClains outside in the sunshine.

Here is a portion of the credits for these three upcoming feature films…

A Day to Die:

Color and online editor: Matt McClain

Director: Wes Miller

DP: Michael Brouphy 

Editor: Julie Garces

The Unknown Country:

Color and online editor: Matt McClain

Director: Morrissa Maltz

DP: Andrew Hajek 

Editor: Vanara Taing


Color and online editor: Matt McClain

Director: Derek Presley

DP: Garrett Schwindt 

Producer/Editor: Jason Starne

Audio: Jake Kluge, charlieuniformtango

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