New Coca-Cola Collab for charlieuniformtango and Plot Twist Creativity

Let’s start out the week with some fresh news on a smooth spot out of the Southwest. charlieuniformtango teamed up with Plot Twist Creativity on a new :30 spot for Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, a local bottling company, announcing the company is now hiring.

The new spot titled “Opportunity Fizzes” aired Super Bowl night and features a twist on the song “Happy” that begins with a person blowing on a Coca-Cola bottle – and continues that sound throughout – as the perfect backdrop for cheerful scenes of Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages employees going about their business.


For charlieuniformtango:

Adam Henderson : Editor 

Mary Alice Butler : Producer 

Russell Smith: mix 

Joey Waldrip : online 

Julia Bacak : graphics 

Jose Michelena: Edit Assist 

For Plot Twist Creativity:

Bo McCord – Creative Director / Art Director

Chris Smith – Chief Creative Officer / Writer

Byron Fitts – Producer

Dave Kroencke – Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Boone – Account Supervisor

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