New Aveeno Kids Campaign from Doner, The Barkers, and Sarofsky Celebrates Children’s Independence

A new Aveeno Kids cross-media campaign entitled “Kids Can” has recently debuted from full-service advertising agency Doner. With three :15 spots (“Dad,” “Mom,” and “Curly Hair”) and numerous shorter versions, the spots were helmed by the directing team of The Barkers, with animation, VFX, and finishing support from one-stop cross-media production company Sarofsky.

Deftly using the brand’s original Care Crew animated characters featured across the Aveeno Kids product line, the storylines pair Mika the Racoon, Sage the Elephant, Romer the Horse, and Lucky the Llama with vibrant children using the products themselves, and achieving other can-do moments.


“Kids taking care of themselves is powerful,” The Barkers began. “From our points of view, independence is the inspiration behind this entire campaign. We take the simple moment of taking a bath and show how impactful it can be.”

The directors continued, “Growing up happens all the time … it’s the routine moments where we learn big things. Every step our children take solo ignites imaginations and inspires confidence. The gentle nudges from our super-caring animated characters help our heroes take the lead in important ways. It’s all about the wonder of growing up.”

Over two days in Mexico City, The Barkers filmed their live-action talents in collaboration with Goodgate Films, with a team that included Director of Photography Serguei Saldivar. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, from casting through location choice, production design, and lighting, the emphasis during production was on creating bright and fun moments where anything seems possible. 

Here are a few more joyous images from the campaign…

Adding to the magic of each finished vignette, Sarofsky’s efforts were led by Executive Creative Director Erin Sarofsky herself. The team also included Managing Director/Executive Producer Steven Anderson, Senior Producer Joel Signer, Supervising Editor Tom Pastorelle, Editor Cassandra Tyler, Animators James Wignall, Eric Larson, and Dave Kiehl, and Flame Artist Cory Davis.

“Not only do we get incredibly excited about bringing animated characters to life, we also love it when we get to use type in playful, fun, and imaginative ways,” Sarofsky added. “We have a giant soft-spot for heartwarming stories like these, and we feel honored to be part of this wonderful team effort.”

According to Anderson, “Any opportunity to collaborate with The Barkers and see a project through from start to finish is a huge win for us.”

For Doner, credit goes to EVP Executive Creative Director Karen Cathel, Associate Creative Directors Matt Reising, Ana Da Silva Figueira, and Andres Justo, VP Brand Leader Heather Jenkins, Executive Producer Autumn Hines, and Senior Project Manager Christina Feuerstein. Complete project credits are available upon request. 

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