Behind The Scenes Of ‘Moved by Waters’

Filmmaker Kelly Rundle took a risk to help make the world a better place. During a new interview with Screen, the director explains how the Mississippi mud forced him into an unfortunate predicament as he filmed a scene for the 2024 documentary, Moved by Waters

“We have a really nice camera, that 4k camera, the Sony FS7, that we use for most of our production,” he says. “I was a little reluctant to take that into the water… because I wanted to get into the water.”

Even though Rundle “almost lost a shoe” while shooting the scene, he and the gear survived to work another day. 

Moved by Waters is a documentary about improving the quality of the Upper Mississippi Watershed. According to Rundle, “the film was made possible by a grant from BewildRewild,” an organization that describes itself as, “a loosely-knit group of volunteers with a passion for wildness.” 

The concept evolved from BewildRewild’s initial idea “of focusing on a water quality collaboration story,” says Rundle. By the time production wrapped, it had grown from a projected 15-minutes into a broadcast-length half-hour. 

Highlighting the people and organizations committed to improving the Mississippi River, Moved by Waters is a film that should entertain nature lovers and casual viewers alike. Enhanced by a healthy dose of breathtaking visuals, it has won a series of awards including Best Documentary Short from the Iowa Motion Picture Association. 


Rundle wrote, directed and produced Move by Waters with his wife and partner in Fourth Wall Films, Tammy Rundle.

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