Mini-Superheroes Rule in New Havas and Carbon Collab for Babybel Plus+

The beloved Babybel characters are back, and this time with superpowers. Directed by Carbon’s Liam Chapple and produced at Carbon for Havas, the ‘Introducing Babybel Plus+’ campaign launches the brand’s new Plus+ Vitamins and Probiotic range.

From commercials to social media cuteness, the campaign features mini heroes with super strength. “When we first saw Havas’ brief and storyboards, we were over the moon,” says Carbon Director Liam Chapple. “The campaign has it all – character animation, new found Plus+ powers and huge worlds to design and explore. All wrapped into a mini hero genesis story, what more could you hope for in a brief?”

All right, let’s see what these mini-superheroes have got…

Made up of a series of short adventures, every character shows off their newfound plus powers in a different way. “Each effect is our little tribute to Hollywood-style superhero films,” explains Liam. “We had a lot of fun with the awesome team at Havas, coming up with ways to add a playful sense of adventure into each short. My favorite scene is when our mini Babybel flies down and strikes an earth-shattering punch shot. I have never seen a mini cheese do that before! We really got creative, applying the hero genre to short clips.”  

To create the Land of Goodness and all who live there, Carbon set about building a 100% CGI world. “Superheroes need epic surroundings,” continues Liam. “Rolling meadows, towering cliffs, waterfalls of milk, enchanted forests. The usual, you know? Because the Babybel characters are already so well known, we focused in on tons of lovely textural and animation detail. The hero element was of course, amazing – and we made sure to add in a fun superhero strut or power pose when needed. I’m really proud of what the team accomplished in these tiny cheese adventures.”

One final quick jolt of mini-superhero glory for you…

The full campaign features two mini hero films and a collection of short social media clips. Catch all the exciting adventures on Carbon’s website.

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