Meet Daily Planet’s New Senior Producer

Chicago-based Daily Planet Productions announces the addition of Senior Producer Amy Stewart to the company’s team. “Amy has a depth of production knowledge and a strong ability to creatively problem solve on the fly, I love working with her,” says Daily Planet Productions Director Michael Gabriele. Daily Planet President Scott Marvel adds, “As agencies and businesses come to us for a greater variety of engaging brand content, we needed an organized, resourceful, and creative talent like Amy’s.”

A twenty-year veteran of the Chicago filmmaking scene, Amy has produced broadcast and commercial work with crews small and large. “You have to adapt to every situation you’re in and figure out a way to work effectively,” Amy says. “It’s about serving both the client’s vision and our vision. I provide the tools so that we can all be successful. I believe in full-on collaboration.”

One of Stewart’s Daily Planet projects was the short film Grandma’s Treats, which you can watch right here:


“I’m really fortunate that my parents are incredibly hard working people who built a successful life for themselves and instilled in us a family model – if you work hard and give a hundred percent, it’ll all work out. That’s what I keep in my head on every project: ‘It’ll all work out.’ It’s about approaching things with optimism.” Adds Marvel, “No matter the size of the project, there’s always a challenge to achieving the client’s and the director’s vision, and through Amy’s calm and creative approach, she finds ways to get something great on screen.”

Another way Amy fits into the Daily Planet vision is her dedication to social change and giving back to the community. “In all honesty, I’m thrilled that Daily Planet practices this philosophy, because in my personal life, we do quite a lot for those less fortunate than us. We have a joke in our family that none of us will die rich because we give it all away. And I’m fine with that. I have my family and work I enjoy. I feel so blessed in many ways.”

Here’s more of Amy’s work with Daily Planet.

To learn more, visit dailyplanetltd.com

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