MAFS Podcast ‘Mad and Finally Single’ Attracts Disney Star Jillian Shea Spaeder to the Show

Love, laughter, and a touch of reality TV matchmaking take center stage as the “Mad and Finally Single Podcast,” hosted by Chicago comedians Sommer Austin and Jamie Black, welcomed the delightful Jillian Shea Spaeder in a special Valentine’s Day episode. This laughter-infused exploration of “Married at First Sight” served as the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for fans of the podcast, with the new episode having premiered on February 14th.

Click here to enjoy the Valentine’s Day episode and the entire season of this MAFS podcast.

Sommer Austin and Jamie Black, the dynamic comedic duo from the heart of Chicago, discovered their shared love for the Lifetime reality program, leading to the creation of the “Mad and Finally Single Podcast.” The Valentine’s Day episode featuring Jillian Shea Spaeder adds an extra layer of charm and humor to the podcast’s celebration of love and relationships.

Sommer Austin and Jamie Black host the Mad and Finally Single podcast

Jillian Shea Spaeder, celebrated for her lead role as Bailey on the Disney XD series “Walk the Prank,” and her recent appearance alongside Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher in the Disney+ original film “Godmothered,” brings a wealth of entertainment experience to the episode. Known for her acting and singing talents, Jillian’s top credits include performing two songs on the “Godmothered” soundtrack – “Rise Up (Joy to the World)” and “Hero.”

The Valentine’s Day episode features Jillian Shea Spaeder

Maiden Voyagers Only

The “Mad and Finally Single Podcast” is a comedic celebration of love and relationships, hosted by the witty Sommer Austin and Jamie Black. Hailing from Chicago, the podcast duo takes a unique approach to dissecting the hit reality TV series “Married at First Sight.” Each episode features a guest, like Jillian Shea Spaeder, who experiences the show for the first time.

Listeners can expect a delightful blend of Chicago wit, candid conversations about love, and hilarious insights into the quirks of reality TV matchmaking, all delivered with the charismatic touch of Jillian Shea Spaeder.

Don’t miss the laughter and love as Sommer Austin, Jamie Black, and Jillian Shea Spaeder bring their comedic prowess to the world of “Married at First Sight” on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, wherever you get your podcasts.

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