Let Your Glow Show! The Distillery Project Teams Up with Dole to Highlight the Unique Qualities of Pineapple Juice

It’s time to let your glow show! And a Chicago agency is teaming up with an iconic brand to help you do just that. Dole Packaged Foods released a new national campaign that pairs the sunny outlook of pineapple juice with the inner glow of people who are comfortable with their true selves. Concepted by Chicago’s The Distillery Project (TDP), the campaign features three ordinary people – an avid reader, a soccer player and a dog walker – who glow for being authentic and real.

The campaign includes three spots. In one video, we meet Rebecca. “What is it about Rebecca?” asks the voiceover as the camera pans on the face of an average-looking, middle-aged woman sipping from a pineapple-based drink. “Thirty years of first dates. Three book club meetings later … hello, Daphne.” 

From the chaise lounge next to her rises a lovely woman as she picks up her own pineapple-based drink. “So long, fellas,” says the voiceover as the couple exchange knowing looks. As they jump into the pool together, viewers hear and read the tagline, “Let your glow show.”

Let’s meet Rebecca…

“Dole champions your inner glow,” says Phil Jungmann, Creative Director at TDP. “Their Pineapple Juice is as unique as the people who drink it. This campaign is a celebration of people who have the courage and confidence to be themselves – those that have an inner glow and shine brightly despite challenges or circumstances.”

In another video, viewers meet Ade, who “moved here from 10,000 miles away.” On an athletic field, the young man is deftly playing with a soccer ball while holding a can of Dole Pineapple Juice as only a star player can. “Ade only speaks soccer but finds a way to feel … right at home,” says the voiceover as he kicks the ball to a group of young kids he is coaching.

What is it about Ade? Let’s find out…

“What is it about Michelle?” asks a third video, as a young woman strolls with a can of the juice in one hand and a croissant in the other. “People pleaser by nature, ex-manager by choice. Finally found some co-workers that don’t talk back.” The camera pans out and viewers see six dogs tethered to her belt as she – and they – make their way down a tree-lined street.

Ok Michelle, you’re up!

The campaign is the agency’s second project for Dole after winning a pitch for the project in March. “We’re excited about what this campaign can do for Dole by bringing attention to the unsung heroes who ‘show their glow’ and create positive change in the world every single day,” says TDP’s Jungmann. Phil added, “They know what makes Dole pineapple juice an amazing choice that perfectly fits their attitude and outlook on life.”

Where will find folks letting their glow show? The campaign will be shining on online video, display, social and search and will run on Food52, Hearst, Buzzfeed, Tasty, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and more.

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