Leo Burnett’s Rachel Bottlinger Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

Cher for President, Guy’s Grocery Games, and a birthday on the 4th of July! Leo Burnett Senior Art Director Rachel Bottlinger stopped by for Five Questions with SCREEN…

SCREEN: What has been your favorite “stay-at-home” activity over the past few weeks?

RACHEL: Cooking is a huge passion of mine, so it’s nice to have more time for it. That and watching Leslie Jordan’s Instagram videos.

SCREEN: You’re an art director so we gotta ask: what is the best art direction you’ve seen in a movie all time?

RACHEL: My uncle showed me THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN when I was like seven, and it made my little brain explode. I had seen nothing like it before – so bizarre and awesome. It’s still one of my favorites. I saw JOJO RABBIT recently, and I loved it. The details in every scene make it beautiful.

SCREEN: What’s that TV show you’re a little embarrassed to admit you love to watch?

RACHEL: I am freaking obsessed with Guy’s Grocery Games. Say what you want about Guy Fieri, I like the guy. I JUST WISH HE DIDN’T SCREAM SO MUCH.

SCREEN: If you could appoint ANYONE to be President of the United States, who would it be?

RACHEL: Cher. Because, she’s Cher. She’s a fierce, confident woman who is unapologetically herself and doesn’t take any crap off people. Also, can you imagine her State of the Union outfits? Cher 2020: Believe.

SCREEN: Favorite gadget?

RACHEL: Up until recently, it was my Roomba, until it ran over my cat’s plated Fancy Feast® and tracked it all over my kitchen.


SCREEN: Best summer vacation ever?

RACHEL: Every summer, I visit my family in Texas. There’s always a lot of beer drinking, arrowhead hunting on my dad’s land, my mom’s amazing cooking, four wheelers, and fireworks (my birthday is the 4th of July) involved. It’s a continual summer vacation, and I look forward to it every year. Pretty bummed that it’s probably not going to happen this year!

SCREEN: What’s inspiring you today?

RACHEL: Eh, it’s freaking hard to stay inspired. BUT, I look forward to all the sidewalk chalk art I see on my daily walks. I love the unhindered creativity that kids have.

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