Keslow Camera’s Jim Summers Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

What do Wilco, Batman, and Tom Hanks have in common? They’re all right here as Keslow Camera’s cinematography guru and marketing pro Jim Summers stops by for a thoroughly entertaining round of Five Questions with SCREEN. Let’s get to it!

SCREEN: Jim, the holidays are here so… What is your favorite dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner?

JIM: I love to bring homemade ravioli for the holidays. I am part Italian and always grew up making homemade pasta and especially homemade ravioli for the holidays. It always reminds me of home and my family.

SCREEN: You’re the expert on all things cinematography so we gotta ask… what is your favorite movie scene, in terms of cinematography?

JIM: The ending of [the Tom Hanks blockbuster] Road to Perdition. This scene is a master class in visual storytelling by the late great Conrad Hall. I believe the only Chicago-shot film to win the Oscar for best Cinematography. I was able to support this show when it was being filmed here in my younger days. The sets felt like walking into a Vermeer painting…

SCREEN: If you could play any superhero in a major motion picture, who would it be?

JIM: Batman of course. All the cool toys, although the nights and dark brooding attitude would get old fast.

SCREEN: We hear you play a little guitar, so what is your favorite tune to strum?

JIM: Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco. It’s a fun song that always makes me smile.

All right, Jim, break out the acoustic and strum along! Here goes…

SCREEN: One meal, one restaurant, and we’re buying. What will it be?

JIM: That is a difficult question. So many to choose. Dinner at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark is top of my restaurant wishlist.

But I would also be happy with tavern style pizza and a pitcher of Old Style at Vito and Nick’s in my old South Side neighborhood.


SCREEN: If you could bring back any canceled TV show in history, what would it be?

JIM: Patriot TV Series that was on Amazon. A great quirky under appreciated show by Steve Conrad. Loved this show and wanted more…

SCREEN: Your greatest athletic achievement?

JIM: Finishing the Chicago Marathon.

SCREEN: Best advice you’ve ever been given in your own career?

JIM: My grandfather who was a photographer in the 20’s and 30’s told me to: “Learn to see what you are looking at.”

It was a kind of zen koan to me at first. But have taken this to be in the moment and appreciate and see that moment.

In this crazy chaotic business, being in the moment and having fun in that moment can be difficult.

SCREEN: Your most prized possession?

JIM: My vintage 1960 Gretsch two tone green anniversary model guitar. When I met my wife, I was driving a car worth a couple hundred bucks and had this expensive vintage guitar.

A man’s got to have his priorities.

Thanks for playing, Jim! Click here for more from Jim and his team at Keslow Camera.

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