Kendall Kendall Named Executive Producer At Camp Lucky

Camp Lucky is thrilled to announce that longtime Producer Kendall Kendall has been named Executive Producer. Kendall has been a part of the Camp Lucky family for over a decade and has a well-earned reputation for being a problem solver who loves producing and exhibits grace under pressure. Beloved by clients and artists alike, she will lead alongside Executive Producer Jessica Berry.

“Kendall is an integral part of the heart and soul of Camp Lucky and has been part of our team since we launched nearly 11 years ago,” notes Berry. “She is passionate about making every project a success with equal support and appreciation for clients and our artists. I couldn’t ask for a better EP partner.”

“Having the opportunity to lead Camp Lucky’s mission with Jessica is both an honor and a joy,” says Kendall. “I get to spend my days with a tight knit group of people that I care for and respect, and who continue to encourage and support me no matter the challenge.”

Kendall came of age in the heyday of MTV, and studied film production with the dream of becoming involved in film and music videos. Upon graduating, she moved from Dallas to Los Angeles, where she worked at 20th Century Fox and received a masterclass in post production budgeting. Returning to Dallas, Kendall worked at Publicis for their in-house editorial studio, which provided an important perspective on advertising from an agency standpoint – something that informs her collaborations today. At Camp Lucky, she found her home where she applies her interests and skills – from budgeting to designing creative teams – to foster successful collaborations and an environment in which they can thrive. Over her successful tenure there, Kendall has led the post team for clients such as Frito Lay, Kia, Ram, Carl’s Jr., TAZO, McDonald’s, Miller Lite, TGI Friday’s, Western Union, among others.

“Camp Lucky’s mission is very simple – to make our clients successful,” Kendall explains, “and I get to contribute to that every day with an incredible team.”

Kendall says she enjoys the changes that Camp Lucky has embraced over the years, from new technology to expansion into a variety of creative areas. “Being in our industry means looking at what’s immediately in your midst and out to the horizon to see what’s next. At the end of the day, our commitment is to the integrity of the process and the people involved along the way. We hope that comes through in everything we do.”

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