Katelyn Lanigan Answers Five Questions with Screen

From James Bond to Sheryl Crow, this one has it all! Optimus Director of Client Services Katelyn Lanigan stopped by this week for an entertaining round of Five Questions with Screen…

SCREEN: We have to ask: what is your New Year’s Resolution for 2021? How’s it going so far?

KATELYN: 2020 was a hell of a year, to say the least. Usually, I would be resolving to eat better, travel more, the usual, but this year, I am just reminding myself to be present. Life moves fast and we often are living for our future plans, this year I’m taking in each day and just remembering to be grateful for each one. 

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met? 

KATELYN: Bond, James Bond. I traveled to Paris with my sister many moons ago and while visiting the Picasso Museum I was sitting on a bench having a lovely chat with a British chap when out of nowhere we (he) was swarmed by visitors taking photos. I looked closer and said ‘Oh wow, you’re James Bond’ he replied ‘Pierce actually’ and left quickly with his wife. He was a true gentleman!

SCREEN: Your greatest athletic achievement?

KATELYN: I am many things, an athlete I am not. But I will say participating in the Chicago Triathlon with two of my Optimus co-workers was a blast! We each took one leg (I biked) and it was so fun we did it again the next year. And hey, now I can kind of say I’ve done a triathlon.

SCREEN: Your go-to karaoke song?

KATELYN: Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow, it’s just one of those songs my best friend and I have blasted in the car since we were kids and it will always be special. 

SCREEN: What is your favorite restaurant on the planet? What do we order when we go?

KATELYN: This is like asking what is your favorite movie to a filmmaker. I love food! I’m tempted to name a boujiee restaurant because trust me I love those too but when it comes down to it a pizza from Vito & Nick’s always feels like home. Sausage, pepperoni, and onion well done, and when we can dine in again add a pitcher of Old Style-trust me it will not disappoint.


SCREEN: Best advice you’ve ever been given?

KATELYN: In the words of the ever talented and always poised, Sarah Slevin Wein: what can go wrong will go wrong and there is always a solution. It has really framed how I approach events in particular and helped me get ahead of obstacles that may pop up. That mindset keeps me calm, assured, and wouldn’t you know it, there IS always a solution. 

SCREEN: What is inspiring you today?

KATELYN: Cliché alert… but everyone around me. I’m inspired by my sister, working a rigorous job while managing three kids on e-learning, my co-workers day in and day out coming together to deliver stellar work, my friends who have been laid off due to the pandemic but still find a way to look on the bright side every day, it is truly inspiring to see the people I know and love push forward and do it with a smile.

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