Jennifer Gaida Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

Last updated: October 13, 2021

This week, The Colonie colorist Jennifer Gaida answers Five Questions with SCREEN. Gaida joined The Colonie’s staff at the beginning of the year following a stint with Energy BBDO’s Flare…

SCREEN: What actor would play you in the movie of your life? Why?

JENNIFER: Christian Bale. I don’t know who else has the versatility or facial resemblance.

SCREEN: Worst decision you made in college?

JENNIFER: Not taking more risks. I was way more timid back then. Now I constantly do things that scare me and it yields great results. I am more outgoing and have gotten a lot of opportunities in modeling and even acting, both of which seemed inconceivable prior to last year.

SCREEN: What’s your favorite restaurant on the planet?

JENNIFER: On the planet, “Fresh Side” from Amherst, MA – my college town. Partly because of nostalgia, partly because they are objectively wonderful and I can’t find anything similar elsewhere. I would order tea rolls with tons of peanut sauce. As for Chicago, I’m still exploring so that’s TBD.

SCREEN: If you could appoint ANYONE to be President of the United States, who would it be?

JENNIFER: A golden retriever because this question is far too much pressure and those dogs literally smile. Also, a significant step up from our current president.

SCREEN: If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl, what would you fill it with?

JENNIFER: An epically cinematic fashion/beauty/fragrance ad that I got to color (and potentially also edit) because that is one of my favorite genres of work.


SCREEN: Is there a reality TV show that you’re just a little embarrassed to admit you watch on the regular?

JENNIFER: Honestly, no I don’t watch any. But in a similar vein, I am embarrassed-ish to admit that I pretty regularly read up on zodiac sign compatibility. I’m such a Scorpio.

SCREEN: What’s the best birthday present you ever received?

JENNIFER: I grew up never celebrating birthdays or any holidays because of my parents’ religious beliefs. 0/10, do not recommend. I’m still waiting on the best birthday, but I have loved getting bday lunch outings and such with coworkers and friends. It’s so much fun to aspire to celebrate now that I am an adult and can do what I want!

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