Highdive’s Casey Stern Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

Sarah McLachlan, Antiques Roadshow, the best 4th of July ever… and a new, adorable baby! It’s all here as Highdive Associate Creative Director Casey Stern stopped by for a thoroughly entertaining round of Five Questions with Screen. Chicago-based creative agency Highdive’s numerous accolades over the past year include nabbing an Emmy nom for their Jeep ad with Bill Murray (see below), as well as the title of Adweek’s Breakthrough Agency of the Year. All right, Casey, let’s get to it…

SCREEN: Your best 4th of July ever?

CASEY: Every 4th of July before the one where I found out all the fireworks were not an anticipatory celebration for my birthday, which is on the 5th. It’s a hard realization for a 6-year-old boy to find out that the entire country is not, in fact, celebrating your birth.

SCREEN: Most importantly, how is life as a new dad?

Casey’s newborn daughter Olive… awwwwwww

CASEY: Amazing! Little Olivia “Olive” Marie is just a little over 2 weeks old as I write this, but every minute of getting to know her has been incredible. Shout out to her mom for being the absolute best, as well. Sleep is a foreign, almost unheard of thing in our house now, but why sleep when you have the chance to stare at the most adorable thing on Earth?

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

CASEY: Bill Murray and his brother Brian Doyle-Murray. Having the opportunity to spend three days with those guys pitching jokes, being lobby flies at the Best Western in Woodstock (the Onion Rings are KILLER) and shooting a Super Bowl spot was pretty special. 

[Editor’s note: Yes, you’ve already seen this award-winning Super Bowl spot – probably more than once – but it’s worthy of one more watch, here you go…]

SCREEN: If you could fix one thing, what would you fix?

CASEY: Toss up between solving world peace and uneven restaurant tables. Coincidentally, like the restaurant tables, I’m leaning slightly one way… towards world peace. 

SCREEN: Your go-to karaoke song?

CASEY: “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. There’s literally no song that kills the mood faster. And for someone who doesn’t love Karaoke, that’s great for me because I’m usually ushered off stage before the first chorus…


SCREEN: You can only be a fan of one sports team…

CASEY: 1995-96 Colorado Avalanche.

And just for Casey, here is the triple-overtime Stanley Cup winning goal for his 1995-96 Avalanche…

What’s that TV show you’re a little embarrassed to admit you love to watch? Why do you love it?

CASEY:Antiques Roadshow. Watching someone get choked up because the ornate porcelain dog they found in their attic is worth $150,000 is, in a word, moving.

SCREEN: Worst job ever? 

CASEY: I packed commissary orders for prisoners incarcerated around Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. An entire summer spent doing laps in a warehouse filling plastic bags with candy, erasers and Ramen Noodles. Please don’t make me go back. I’ll do anything. Even my time sheets.

SCREEN: What’s inspiring you today?

CASEY: Lord Jones CBD Rituals commercials. They are so bizarre, but so visually appealing. I’m not sure who came up with them, but I do know they were probably enjoying more than just CBD during the ol’ ideation phase… Click here to visit Lord Jones

Thanks for playing, Casey! Click here for the latest creative content from Casey and the award-winning team at Highdive.

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