Greg Hahn of Mischief Named 2023 AICP Next Awards Judging Chair

Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP, today announced Greg Hahn, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mischief at No Fixed Address, as the 2023 AICP Next Awards Judging Chair. In this role, Hahn has assembled a roster of Jury Presidents who will, in turn, select judges for all AICP Next Awards categories. 

The AICP Next Awards recognize outstanding work and the creative forces behind it, but are much more than an Awards competition – Next is a platform for thought leadership and analysis. The deadline to enter The AICP Next Awards, along with The AICP Post Awards and The AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the Commercial, is March 6, 2023. Eligible work must have first aired or launched between April 4th, 2022 and March 12th, 2023. Entry details can be found here. 

When asked his reaction to being named Next Awards Judging Chairperson, Hahn was quick and to the point: “A hard yes. As an observer and participant in this competition for years, I think this is one of the most interesting shows in the industry. The work selected here is work that points the way forward. I’m thrilled to be able to play a part in that.” 

“We’re honored to have a creative visionary of Greg’s stature serving as our Next Awards Chairperson this year,” says Miller. “Both at Mischief and throughout his career he’s been a guiding force behind advertising that breaks boundaries.” 

Having sat on the juries of the most prestigious ad competitions around the world, Hahn has a clear idea of what should elevate an entry to AICP Next Awards status. “I’m hoping to see work that stretches definitions a lot, work that other shows might not be ready for. It’s innovation for sure, but strongly idea centric. I’m looking forward to discovering some surprises.”

Hahn’s creative vision is the chief engine behind Mischief’s unprecedented and meteoric rise from pandemic start-up to triple-threat Agency of the Year in 2022 (so proclaimed by Ad Age, Campaign and Adweek). Hahn says he launched Mischief “to create work that makes a stir.” He described the agency, lauded for its strategically-powered and often provocative work, as a place that’s “free from the fear that shackles tradition, where both clients and employees can create the best work of their lives, a safe place for dangerous ideas.”

Prior to launching Mischief, Hahn was the Chief Creative Officer of BBDO New York. Under his leadership, the office was recognized as the most awarded agency in the world, creating award-winning work for brands like HBO, Snickers, FedEx, AT&T, Sandy Hook Promise and GE, among others. He began his career as a writer in Los Angeles before moving on to Fallon in Minneapolis. He joined BBDO in 2005 as an Executive Creative Director and became Chief Creative Officer in 2013.

Hahn says he’s going to lean on his past experience creating cutting-edge advertising when it comes to leading and directing the Jury Presidents and Curators at Large he’s recruited for the Next Awards. “The same values hold true, whether you’re evaluating work for your clients or for an award,” he explains. “First, is it solving a real problem? Then, is it doing it in a fresh, unexpected way? And finally will it make people care? If you’ve done the first two well, the third one should come naturally. If nobody pays attention, everything else is academic. You can’t bore your way into culture.”

The 2023 AICP Next Awards Jury Presidents & Curators at Large 

As Chairperson, Hahn set out to identify innovative industry leaders to serve as Jury Presidents and Curators at Large who would bring an eclectic set of backgrounds and perspectives to their roles. In so doing, he’s selected a diverse team of esteemed creative and marketing executives to lead the panels that will judge the AICP Next Awards categories. 

“I sought out people who’re always pushing things in terms of new ideas or new ways of doing things, those who have proven to be open thinkers,” he notes. “Also, being a Jury President takes some people skills; you have to give others space to talk, but also move the discussion along. So it was this combination of a track record of good work and good taste, plus a good sense of where the industry is going, stirred in with a shot of diplomacy.”

The Jury Presidents will each, in turn, select the judges for their respective categories. The lineup includes:

Michael Aimette, Chief Creative Officer, FCB (Real Time Engagement)

Samira Ansari, Chief Creative Officer, Deutsch (Digital Experiences)

Jess Coulter, Director, O Positive (Web Film)

Genie Gurnani, Editorial Creative Director, The Walt Disney Company – Freeform (Influencer)

Rei Inamoto, Founder, I&CO (Creative Data)

Kevin Mulroy, Executive Creative Director, Mischief  (Purpose Driven)

Danny Robinson, Chief Creative Officer, The Martin Agency (Integrated Campaign)

James Robinson, Chief Creative Officer, Momentum Worldwide (Experiential)

David Shing, Digital Prophet, Shingy (Social)

Jimmy Smith, Founder/CEO/CCO, Amusement Park Entertainment (Branded Content & Entertainment)

Shannon Washington, Chief Creative Officer, R/GA (Innovation)

Joining the Jury Presidents are several Curators at Large. They’ll work with the Jury Presidents to determine the final disposition of the AICP Next Awards, as well as select the Most Next (Best in Show) honor. This year’s Curators at Large includes:

Susan Credle, Global Chair & Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB

Scott Donaton, Chief Marketing Office, Hulu

Gerry Graf, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Slapglobal 

Nick Law, Global Lead for Design and Creative Tech, Accenture

Allen Mask, Partner, West Cap/CöLab

Bill Oberlander, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, OBERLAND

JP Petty, Global Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy Bodega

Jaime Robinson, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, JOAN

Tiffany Rolfe, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

A number of Curators at Large also served as AICP Next Awards Judging Chairs; that list includes Credle, Donaton, Graf, Law, Robinson and Rolfe, as well as Inamoto. 

The work of the AICP Next Awards winners, along with that of the honorees of the AICP Show, becomes a part of the archives of The Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, where it can be studied by future generations and is available for use or exhibition by the museum’s curators. All individual works, and each year’s shows in their entirety, can be viewed exclusively at www.aicpawards.com, the AICP Awards Archive website. The AICP Post Awards can be viewed at www.aicppostawards.com

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