Green The Bid Launches The Complete Green Post Production Manual

Green The Bid and members of AICP’s post community are excited to announce the launch of The Complete Green Post Production Manual. Built as a collaborative and living document, this comprehensive guide covers sustainable best practice for every aspect of the post process from DIT all the way through to delivery. The Manual is packed with recommendations from industry experts, resources, materials templates, and more.

“Media is generated in unprecedented volume, created at higher resolutions than ever before, saved in limitless iterations with excessive redundancy and stored for undefined periods of time,” says Jaclyn Paris, Cosmo Street’s Head of Development who helped lead the initiative. “A culture of anxiety around loss, mixed with the misconception of a clean and abundant cloud is the disastrous misunderstanding of our time. Managing Partner Yvette Cobarrubias and I joined forces with Green The Bid to change that. The creation of the Complete Green Post Production Manual is our boldest step.”

The manual’s development and findings were presented at AICP Week as part of an AICP Base Camp panel called “Industry Report Card: Post Production’s Green Move – The Complete Sustainable How-To.” The discussion featured Jaclyn Paris of Cosmo Street, Gloria Pitagorsky from Heard City, Laurie Adrianopoli of Carbon, Republic’s Chris Gipson, and Dane R. Brehm, from Cintegral.Tech – all of whom were instrumental in bringing the manual to fruition. 

The full list of the collaborating organizations includes: Apache, Buck, Carbon, Cintegral, Company 3, Cosmo Street, The Elements Music, Extreme Reach, Filmmaker, Framestore, Heard City, Lime Studios, Local 600, Republic, and Slingshot.

“I want this manual to help start conversations in the Post Production realm. There are a few really important energy efficiency audits to consider that will help guide you to know exactly where your company stands on the green scale right now and how you can improve it going forward. It may be as simple as turning off monitors at night and choosing who you do business with that will make big changes in the future of our industry and our planet”  – LaRue Anderson, Managing Partner, Apache

“In our quest to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, it’s critical that the industry agrees on best practices for managing media at scale. A holistic assessment of each production’s environmental footprint, considering the entire lifecycle of its data, is no longer an option—it’s a necessity,”  – John Kleber, CTO, Buck

“Critical, carbon-reducing efficiencies are made throughout the creative supply chain in our end-to-end video advertising platform — from production, through asset management and distribution to any screen — and that is just the beginning of our commitment to helping the ad industry become more sustainable. We are very pleased to be working with Green The Bid and encourage marketers to study this newly released guide.”  – Maegan Buckler, Chief Revenue Officer, Extreme Reach

“Film Locker are super excited to see this production manual finally in place, it’s an amazing guide to any producers wanting to create a more sustainable way of working. And finally we also have long term storage of rushes/dailies on there, something that is missing from almost all other generic and industry guides and calculators yet adds a significant carbon footprint to the entire production.”  – Viki Harvey, Sustainability Director at Film Locker.

“Engaging in insightful conversations and contributing to such an important initiative has been an invaluable experience. The depth of knowledge shared from all the contributors has made for a great resource for everyone working in post production. I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute and learn alongside like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in our industry.”  – Evan Mangiamele, Partner/Mixer/Sound Designer, Heard City

“Lime is honored to be part of a forward thinking collective that realizes how we can all be doing our part to make a difference. Everything we do, or don’t do, does have an impact on the world we are all living in.”  – Susie Boyajan, Executive Producer, Lime Studios

“As post companies, we are all starting at different places with regards to how “green” or energy efficient our companies are. Going forward, we need to be intentional. Intentional on how we use energy, and being intentional in not wasting it. Some of the changes are hard and some easy, but if we all act with intention we will be able to make a difference.”  – Chris Gipson, Principal/Senior Editor, Republic

Green The Bid is a non-profit organization that supports the advertising industry in shifting to sustainable and regenerative practices. 

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