Gov JB Pritzker, ‘Veep’ Star Headline Illinois Production Alliance Hollywood Reception

The Illinois Production Alliance today announced Chicago native Matt Walsh, star of Veep and the Apple TV+ series Manhunt, as emcee at the Iconic Stories: Made in Illinois reception, with special guest, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. The event caps off the Governor’s marketing mission to Hollywood, where he will be discussing benefits of filming in Illinois, including key findings of the first-ever Economic Impact Study of the Illinois Film Production Services Tax Credit commissioned by the IPA and published in January 2024.

The Iconic Stories: Made in Illinois reception is set for Wednesday March 27th at the NBC Universal lot in Los Angeles.

“The strides Illinois has made in growing our film and television production sector in recent years is nothing short of remarkable, and it’s time to ensure that every production company and studio knows exactly what we can offer them here in the Land of Lincoln,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “This trip will be a chance to shed light on what the Illinois Film Production Services Tax Credit as well as our increased film infrastructure can offer companies who may be looking to expand beyond Southern California.”

“When production companies choose Illinois, they not only get the benefits of the state’s Film Production Services Tax Credit, gorgeous locations, world-class service providers, top-flight infrastructure across the state, they also get access to a dedicated, talented workforce,” said Christine Dudley, Executive Director of the Illinois Production Alliance. “One thing that everyone agrees on – labor, business, and government alike – is that bringing more film and television production to Illinois benefits everyone.”

From the golden age of silent film, to Bueller, Blues Brothers, and Batman; to current productions including The BearSomebody Somewhere, NBC’s One Chicago series, and upcoming features like We Grown Now and Ghostlight, Illinois has enjoyed a starring role in Hollywood history. Iconic Stories: Made in Illinois celebrates that history while sharing Governor Pritzker’s vision for the future of the Illinois production community. With our world-class crews, growing production infrastructure, and generous film production tax credit – there’s no place like Illinois.

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