Formula 1 Star, Cutters, M Booth Bring Passion to New Patron Spot

Passion, pride, and perfection are at the heart of the new Patron spot released this month, and at the core of the collaboration between Cutters Studios and M Booth on the campaign. The action follows Formula 1 driver Sergio “Checo” Perez as he pursues perfection at every turn, showcasing passion and a mastery of craft he and Patrón Tequila both share. SCREEN chatted with Cutters Studios Editor Tom Brassil about the collaboration.

“This wasn’t your straightforward POV spot always moving toward an infinity point. This had its twists and turns,” Brassil shared with SCREEN. “Creating an atmosphere that matches a Formula 1 race was the challenge. Director Ritesh Gupta and his production team did a fabulous job to get me the footage and options I needed to pull it off.

Without any further ado, let’s enjoy the new spot featuring Formula 1 star Sergio Perez…

As for editor Tom Brassil’s creative approach with the campaign, “The spot is a POV driving a Formula 1 car,” Brassil shared with SCREEN. “Unlike a NASCAR race, the cars don’t race in an oval. So we needed to build a “track” in our heads with all the downshifting into curves and then accelerating out of them into straightaways that are part of Formula 1 racing. Finding the right pieces to construct the track was crucial to pulling this off.”

“Formula One and tequila are picking up a lot of steam here in the U.S.,” Brassil shared with SCREEN. “F1 racing is gaining a lot with the series on Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Sergio Perez, one of the drivers featured in the series is from Mexico. As the spot says, he wants to be the first Mexican to podium on his home soil. The spot drives through many famous Mexican locations, including the agave fields which are most important to Patron.”

To give you some further backstory on Formula 1 star Sergio Perez, here is a quick look at one of his most stunning victories… and it’s worth nothing this clip has attracted more than 6.5 million views…

The official tagline for the spot summarizes the message and mission of this spot beautifully: “Driven by passion. Proudly Mexican. These tenets are sown into our soil and bloom like agave in the hearts of our people. Wherever this journey steers us, all roads lead home. Take it from two bold innovators from Jalisco: Mexico’s only Formula One driver, Sergio “Checo” Perez, and the world’s finest ultra premium tequila. Together, we’re redefining what’s possible when propelled by the wings of Mexico. Where will passion drive you?”


Agency: M Booth
Creative Director: James Spector
Creative: Rob Fleming
Producer: Jordan Schroer

Director: Ritesh Gupta

Editorial Company: Cutters
Editor: Tom Brassil

Producer: Stephanie Rose

Assistant Editor: Rebecca Schwartz

Color & Finishing: Flavor
Color: Brian Higgins
VFX/Cleanup/Conform: Rob Churchill, Mo Tavera, Patrick Wong, Michael Anderson

Photo Credit: Formula 1 Photo by Morio is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

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