Five Questions with WNBA Doc ‘Shattered Glass’ Director Andrea Buccilla

What do 90s hip hop, four WNBA superstars, and the best pepperoni pizza ever have in common? They’re all right here as sports documentary Shattered Glass director, Ohio filmmaker, and Creative Producer and Director at creative content studio Malka Andrea Buccilla stops by for a thoroughly entertaining round of Five Questions with SCREEN. Let’s get to it!

SCREEN: Andrea, why should people head over to Tubi today to watch Shattered Glass

ANDREA: If you’re interested in sports stories, strong female stories, educational documentaries, or 90s hip hop vibes, this film is for you. We featured four WNBA MVPs: Sheryl Swoopes, Nneka Ogwumike, Jonquel Jones, and Breanna Stewart, to see what these women are capable of… what they’ve accomplished in their careers is truly impressive.

Here’s the trailer for the film and you can click here to watch Shattered Glass for free on Tubi! Shattered Glass was produced by Malka.

SCREEN: How do you think the film has impacted the way people see the WNBA and women’s sports in general?

ANDREA: The conversation around women’s sports – particularly women’s basketball – is exploding. There was a lot of uproar when people found out that Caitlin Clark’s rookie salary will only be $76,000, and our film explains the difference between salary and compensation. It’s meant to be an education for our audience, whether they’ve been W fans for years or not. We go way back to the beginning with Sheryl Swoopes and connect her story to those of three current players. Everyone I’ve talked to said they learned something!

SCREEN: Ok Andrea, let’s step away from the court and into some fun, rapid-fire questions. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

ANDREA: Ooooof. I can see my friends rolling their eyes already. My favorite is This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. It’s my go-to because it has the right combo of singing and rapping. Also 90s hip hop is one of my favorite genres.

Ok Andrea, we’ll bring the 90s back for you right here…

SCREEN: You’ve been chosen for the new season of Shark Tank. What are you pitching to the Sharks?

ANDREA: I could tell you, but…

SCREEN: What is your favorite restaurant in Ohio?

ANDREA: I’m SO glad you asked this! Enrico’s Pizza on Franz Rd in Dublin. It’s owned by the cutest Italian family, and I’ve been going since I was a kid. My husband and I say we fell in love there because in high school we’d go before a movie every Sunday, and that’s when we became best friends. I recommend just a classic pepperoni pizza. Tell ’em I sent you!

Here’s a snapshot of that fave Enrico’s Pizza of Andrea’s…


SCREEN: Worst job ever?

ANDREA: When I was young (like 10ish) it was my job to take a screw driver and a bucket and walk the driving range at our family’s little golf course. I’d do trips down and back, down and back (about 300 yards each way) looking for range balls that had plugged, then I’d use the screw driver to pry them out and drop them in the bucket. By the end, that bucket was really heavy. Somehow it didn’t ruin my love for golf though.

SCREEN: Best advice ever?

ANDREA: My mom always told us two things:

1) What you think about, you bring about. So I’m really intentional about my thoughts because of her. 2) Don’t be an asshole. So I think I’m not an asshole because of her, too.

Thanks for playing, Andrea! Click here to watch Shattered Glass for free on Tubi.

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