Filmed-In-Kentucky Comedy ‘Going Nowhere’ Releases Worldwide Amid Rave Reviews

Filmed in Kentucky, right in the heart of Oldham County. The comedy indie Going Nowhere is now out for your viewing pleasure and receiving great reviews. We have the trailer, your link to the film, and some behind-the-scenes photos for you this week.

So what’s Going Nowhere all about? Well, Izzy’s making a movie. She casts her best friend, Diana, who enthusiastically prepares for the shoot. A struggling actress, she clings to the hope that this leading role will turn her career around. Izzy, Diana and a behind-the-scenes crew take a road trip from LA to Kentucky to shoot on a friend’s farm for free. They land in Kentucky and Matt, the shifty alpha-male producer, bullies people into signing release forms as they gather around a welcome campfire. ‘The Seed’, a feminist slash environmentalist magnum opus about a plant that saves the world starts shooting the next morning. Izzy’s contradictory and vague directions confuse the actors while her inept instructions irritate the DP, who is far too qualified for this gig. Felipe, who made his riches voicing a popular children’s show, is ‘The Seed’s’ main investor. His whimsy and poor set etiquette starts to unravel Izzy’s vision. Incompetence, paranoia and sexual frustration drive the crew to the brink of mutiny. Are they going to make it? Or are they all Going Nowhere?

And here is your first look at Going Nowhere

The film is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Click here to watch the film today.

As promised, here are some photos from the Oldham County set…

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