Director Cameron Busby Joins Quriosity Productions, Wraps Major Ford Campaign

Director Cameron Busby, whose arresting Logitech spot starring sensation Little Nas X generated tons of buzz on the Super Bowl in 2021, has joined the roster of Quriosity Productions in Chicago.

To check out Cameron’s reel, go right here.

Busby marked his arrival with a new six-spot package for Ford trucks. The work, out of UniWorld Group, represents three campaigns, one focused on the F-150 (“Barbershop”), one that promotes the truck portfolio and one dedicated to honoring Black History Month (“Living Legacies”). Throughout the work, Busby’s storytelling shows how the vehicles fit their owners’ personal and professional needs, with style.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Busby has been working between Los Angeles and New York. A self-confessed movie buff, he was highly motivated to get into film, working initially on the editorial staff at Esquire as a producer and editor, creating video content tied to the iconic publication’s story lineup. He took his experience and essentially pitched himself as a music video director, lining up a number of wins where he was able to flex his chops in both production design and narrative storytelling.

Since then he’s racked up a bevy of high profile projects under his belt, and has shot with major artists and labels as well as with leading media companies, working with everyone from Death Row Records to Disney. Artists he’s filmed include Megan Thee Stallion, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Niall Horan, Kodak Black and Lil Baby, while his commercial clients include Walmart, Xfinity, ESPN, Logitech, Tobacco Free Florida and Rocket Mortgage.

The Ford campaigns Busby shot are the latest additions to this list, and notable in that he won the assignment over more established car directors. Broken into multiple campaigns, they center around a barbershop owner building his business and an event planner putting the finishing touches in an elegant setting, and showcase both the F-150 as well as the Maverick models.

Let’s take a look at “Barbershop”…

And here is “Living Legacies”…

“The agency and the clients trusted me and gave me a chance to show what I could do,” says Busby, who was introduced to Quriosity by UWG producer Zak Kareem. “I’m truly appreciative of the opportunity. It makes me feel like I just earned my wings.” 

“When tasked with creating the story for the launch of the 2024 F-150, it was imperative that we work with someone who not only matched our passion but enhanced our ideas,” says UWG Creative Director Alexis Monette. “We wanted someone who understands our cultural nuances, and Cam stood out amongst others. He’s a critical thinker who works very democratically, unapologetically addressing when he feels that something could be different and taking the time to do things correctly. Due to this level of care he provided, the visuals have been allocated to other connected work for the brand, one being Black History Month, which we are very proud of. It was a pleasure to work beside Cam Busby, and we look forward to seeing the awesome work he’ll do in the very near future.”

A look at Busby’s showreel suggests that he’s poised to truly break out. His “Defy Logic” Super Bowl spot for Logitech starred Lil Nas X, the brand’s first Super Bowl ad buy, is an explosion of self-expression, as the artist talked about the importance of “being me.” Busby’s work has been written up across the media spectrum, garnering coverage in Ad AgeAdweek and Billboard, as well as PitchforkTeen VogueNylonEssence and Hypebeast. Ahead of the curve, he was featured in the SHOOT New Directors Showcase in 2018, while still unsigned.

“Quriosity has always been focused on finding talented artists to represent, and Cam is a true artist,” says Qadree Holmes, Executive Producer and Founder. “His fun and energetic style of shooting was a huge draw. Having an award-winning Super Bowl director to add to the roster was a no-brainer. And the work he did with Lil Nas X for Logitech was iconic. Very few Black directors have been able to step into those spaces, let alone say that they’ve directed a Superb Bowl spot. Cam had done that and more.”

One thing Busby is hoping to achieve at Quriosity is sharpening his skills in pitching and landing assignments. “I’m often coming in as the underdog, so there’s an entire skill set you need to master when connecting with people,” he observes. “And Q is straightforward and honest about this process, which I really liked. I believe he can make me a better filmmaker while helping me grow my commercial career with bigger brands and bigger agencies.”

Busby also aims to translate his collaborations with music artists to the advertising arena, where the rules of engagement are different, and Holmes is in lockstep with those ambitions. “I think there’s a moment with any director who signs with a production company that they want to feel supported, and it’s been clear from the moment we started bidding Cam on projects that we were here to win it,” the EP notes. “He’s expressed to me that as a company, Quriosity has challenged him and his ideas, and made him view how he works differently.”

“Cam’s greatest strength is his freshness,” Holmes continues. “His work represents a new breath of fresh dope and currency. He’s not bound by the traditional rules of advertising, and it shows. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching him blend into an agency creative team like he’s their plus-one. It makes him part of the process, not an outsider looking in.”

Credit List:

Client – Ford

Brand + Prospect Marketing – David Finnegan

Focus Audiences Communications Manager – Yoko Martinez

Product Information Specialist – Nicole Phillips

Agency – UniWorld Group

President + CEO – Gregory Edwards

Chief Creative Officer – Whitney Michel

Group Account Director – Nigel James

Account Director – Nifateria Marshall

Creative Director – Alexis Monette

Associate Creative Director – James Thigpen

Group Director, Production – Harold Tamara

Senior Video Producer – Zak Kareem


Quriosity Productions

Director – Cameron Busby

Executive Producer – Qadree Holmes

Senior Producer – Margie Ayala

Production Supervisor – Megan Mewbron

Rep – SG+ Sarah Gitersonke


Director of Photography – Jared Fadel

1st AD – Reginald Ingraham

Production Designer – Brittany Hites

Key Stylist – Angela Mullen

Key Hair – Pier Mason

Key Make-Up – Renee Tucker

Post Production

Quriosity Productions

Lead Editor – Matt Tarr

Asst Editor – Logan Moore

Post Producer – Margie Ayala

Colorist – ColorNation – Heather Hays

Flame Artist – Heather Pralle

Audio – Noisefloor

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