DeCast Launches Beta Platform in Chicago

DeCast has announced the launch of its beta version in Chicago. Developed by Managing Director of Prota Ventures and Emmy award winning writer/producer Jameeleh Shelo, DeCast deems itself “a full-service casting platform that is dedicated to providing its users with transparency, analytics, and control over their careers.”

“We asked countless Casting Directors, Talent Agents, and Talent how we can make the casting  process better. Our mission is to create a more equitable and transparent casting process  within our full-service casting platform that provides ease of use, data, and control to Casting  Directors, Talent Agents, and Talent,” said Jameeleh Shelo, Founder of DeCast. 

DeCast’s vision is “that every role is cast with the best possible talent, swiftly, easily, and with respect for the casting process and its participants.” The team declares its values to be “clarity, communication, insight, and inclusion.”

DeCast’s platform offers a suite of features to help Casting Directors, Talent Agents, and Talent manage the casting process. The platform provides real-time analytics and insights, allowing  users to monitor and optimize their performance. It also offers seamless communication tools,  enabling talent to connect with Casting Directors and Talent Agents, while maintaining full  control over their careers. 

DeCast is currently accepting beta sign-ups on their website, DeCast.co. The platform is expected to launch fully in the coming months. 

“We are thrilled to be launching our beta version in Chicago, and we look forward to helping Casting Directors, Talent Agents, and Talent manage the casting process with ease and  transparency. We believe that our platform will make a positive impact on the industry, and we  are excited to see the results,” added Shelo. 

DeCast’s beta launch is available to casting professionals, talent agents, and performers in the Chicago area. Interested parties can sign up for the beta program at Decast.co. 

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