Cow Lamp Films and The Annoyance Theatre Partner for Chicago Sketch Show TV Series

From the home of sketch and improv, Chicago’s Cow Lamp Films and The Annoyance Theatre are partnering to produce a new Chicago sketch TV series, Out of the Loop. Earlier this week, there was a special filmed live audience screening at The Annoyance Theatre on Belmont in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

“After having just celebrated our 35th anniversary of developing and working with Chicago talent, we’re excited to partner with Cow Lamp Films to get more eyes on what Chicago does best – new and original comedy,” shared founder Mick Napier and Executive Producer Jennifer Estlin of Annoyance Theatre & Bar.

If you’re new to the legendary Annoyance Theatre, here is a quick clip from their long-running, foul-mouthed, beloved musical Co-Ed Prison Sluts

Out of the Loop takes comedy and good taste to a new level. You’ll fall in love with characters like Mr. Baseball, Judge Breakwind, and Britney Spears Robots. The series ensemble includes Andy Rowell, named “a totally out of the box comedian who explores the different horizons in the art of making people laugh.” Rowell has written and directed for Green Show Live, WGN-TV, iO Comedy Network and appeared on Comedy Central and Just for Laughs. Joining him is Phylicia McLeod, an improviser, writer, voice over actress and teacher who began her career at The Second City and co-hosts the podcast, Unlearning. As well as, Wil N. Wilcox from The Second City, where he co-wrote and performed the show, Drink the Kool-Aid

Showrunner and ensemble performer Colette Gregory joins the cast from The Second City where she toured colleges and military bases throughout the country using humor to teach sexual assault prevention with Catharsis Productions, and produces SHADE: An Actually Diverse Comedy Show at the world-famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Gregory has also performed at The Annoyance Theatre several times, including PlayMakers Laboratory 20th Anniversary of That’s Weird, Grandma.  

Gregory lends her voice and music composition to one of the three Out of the Loop original songs, What’s Your Pronouns?, a modern tribute to identity and dating. 

Creator and executive producer, Josh da Silva, VP of Cow Lamp Films, started this project to highlight the tremendous sketch and improv community in Chicago and not only showcase but provide a home for this series worldwide on Hipstr TV and other partner platforms. The Annoyance Theatre, like Cow Lamp Films parent company Questar Entertainment, has been serving Chicago for over 30 years. Home of the longest-running musical Co-ed Prison Sluts, The Annoyance uses improvisation to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedy and more in a vibrant, creative atmosphere. From the home of sketch comedy and improv, Out of the Loop pushes the boundaries of humor and taste.

Out of the Loop will be distributed by Cow Lamp Films in 2023.

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