Comedy Feature ‘Not If I See You First’ Filming in Skokie; Director Wertheimer Talks with SCREEN

We could use a little more comedy these days. Good news: There is a microbudget comedy feature film ready to begin production later this month in the near North Chicago suburbs. The project is the third comedy feature film from writer-director Aaron Wertheimer and is entitled Not If I See You First. The team will begin rolling cameras on July 23, with an anticipated wrap date of August 3. The comedy will be filming mostly in Skokie, and also in Evanston, Winnetka, and Lincolnwood. Aaron and his lead actor generously stopped by SCREEN to share more about the upcoming feature film.

“It is about the ups and downs of friendship, which is a running theme throughout all my films for some reason,” Wertheimer shared in an exclusive interview with SCREEN. “I’m very excited to shoot in and around my hometown of Skokie, as I feel it has an extremely normal yet subtly unusual quality that will be a fitting backdrop for this wacky adventure. The film has a range of influences, including intense dramas like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Top Gun, indie classics like Hal Hartley’s Simple Men and Tom McCarthy’s The Station Agent, and the last half-hour of Rocky V.”

In Not If I See You First, Kenny is in town for work when he meets Aaron, who convinces him to extend his stay to see the sights. But when Kenny’s car accidentally explodes and Aaron gets amnesia, will their fledgling friendship lose its way?

Wertheimer wrote the script and will be directing. The film stars Kenny Zimlinghaus, in a dual role, playing the lead role of Kenny as well as Kenny’s disgruntled twin brother, Mike. 

Not If I See You First is a film about possibly making new friends or great enemies,” Zimlinghaus shared with SCREEN. “The lines are thin. No one dances the razor’s edge of friendship better than Wertheimer on a low budget production. This film has action, drama, fights and feuds, and plenty of Wild Cherry Pepsi. It will have us all remembering what it’s like to have amnesia. It’s fun, funny and one of a kind.”

Wertheimer and Zimlinghaus are frequent collaborators, with Zimlinghaus having starred in Wertheimer’s previous two features, Wedgerino and Skippers. Here’s a quick look at the trailer for the latest Wertheimer-Zimlinghaus collab, Skippers

Supporting cast for Not If I See You First will include Wertheimer himself, Joey Wertheimer, Cameron “Crum” Crumley, and Liz Stam, who starred in Michael Glover Smith’s 2022 Chicago feature Relative, which Wertheimer produced.

Andre Fonseca is producing, and Josh Rosen, Jordan Bass, and Yoel Goldberg are executive producing. The director of photography is Pouya Shahbazi. Anthony Mascorro will be composing the score. 

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