Collaboraction Welcomes New Executive Director Saudia Davis

Chicago-based multimedia arts organization Collaboraction has a new captain at the helm of its critically acclaimed and socially conscious ship. Today Collaboraction announced its new Executive Director, Saudia Davis.

Saudia is a non-profit leader focused on the business of entertainment. She is a multi-entrepreneur, producer, developer and creative strategist with over 25 years of experience in the creative sector. Saudia was the Founding Director for The Center for Creative Entrepreneurship based out of 2112 Incubator. The combination of her corporate background, passion for ideation, connectivity, problem solving and resource development enable her to generate measurable impact.

The Collaboraction community may know Saudia from her work developing the 1000-seat Kehrein Center for the Arts in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, where Collaboraction produced Peacebook earlier this fall.

Here is a quick look at Collaboraction’s evolution as a multimedia arts organization as it heads into its 25th year…

“Collaboraction is delighted to welcome Saudia Davis to our team as Executive Director at a perfect time for her to contribute her incredible attributes of leadership, vision-building and development as we manifest our mission to use theater, film and crucial conversations to cultivate social change,” said Artistic Director Anthony Moseley.

Saudia Davis succeeds Dr. Marcus Robinson, who earlier this year was named Co-Director of Enrich Chicago, an Anti-Racism consulting and training provider in the Chicago arts and culture sector. Dr. Robinson has joined Collaboraction’s board of directors and continues to co-host Collaboraction programs including Becoming and Crucial Connections.

A Message from New Executive Director Saudia Davis

“Thank you for welcoming me into the Collaboraction community. I am honored to lead Collaboraction as it embarks on a new era of greater impact and reach.

Saudia Davis (left) with Meghan McDonough and Christine Stepp at Collaboraction’s Peacebook

Theatre is my first love. Personally, I aim to catalyze new conversations and build on existing systems that spark fundamental change. I first became aware of Collaboraction and its mission back in 2013 with their production of Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology. Needless to say, it was transformational and I instantly became a fan of Collaboraction’s work and mission: from Peacebook to This is not a Cure for Cancer to Crucial Conversations.

I look forward to building upon the foundation Collaboraction has laid over the past 25 years. We have big goals for the future of the company, its message and methods. I am thrilled that Collaboraction is now creating scripted film content. I am excited about the abundance of unlimited possibilities to curate and support diverse culture bearers.”

Click here for more about Collaboraction and its arts initiatives for change.

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