‘Chicago P.D.’ ‘Shameless’ Actors Lead Vincent Singleton’s ‘Survivor, Soldier, Sinner, Savior’

Director Vincent Singleton’s latest collaboration assembles a seasoned veteran cast of Chicago television and stage… as well as the talents of his own family. Survivor, Soldier, Sinner, Savior is a powerful new film set to film in Kankakee, Illinois this Summer. The film follows the life of James, a military veteran turned high school counselor who struggles to save an at-risk youth from an abusive environment. The cast is led by Travis A. Knight, widely recognized for his performances in renowned productions at Goodman Theatre and Steppenwolf, as well as his tenure as “Patrolman Bobby Price” in the NBC drama Chicago P.D. Joining him is an ensemble cast with credits spanning several of Chicago’s most beloved television series, including Chicago Fire and Shameless.

Survivor, Soldier, Sinner, Savior tells the story of James, played by Knight, who finds a way out of the harsh realities of his upbringing by serving his country. However, the inherent violence of war carves deeper emotional wounds into the young soldier, and upon returning home, James finds himself struggling with PTSD. Determined to find solace and stability, James works as a high school counselor. He channels his experiences to guide and mentor troubled teens like Yamil, portrayed by newcomer Diego Torrado. However, when James faces the challenge of caring for his mother (an addict played by acclaimed Chicago stage actor Tiffany Bedwell), the weight of his past trauma threatens to shatter the resolve he has fought so hard to build. 

“We are thrilled to be producing this challenging and emotionally resonant film,” said Vincent Singleton, the director of Survivor, Soldier, Sinner, Savior. “Our team has worked tirelessly to craft a compelling story that delves into the realities of trauma and its aftermath, and we are honored to have such an incredible cast to bring these complex characters to life.”

The Singleton family project boasts an impressive team of talents, including Vincent’s brother, Colonel Eldridge “Raj” Singleton, a decorated military professional who penned the script, and Vincent’s wife Danielle Singleton, who contributed her writing prowess and creative collaboration skills to shape the narrative. 

Co-produced by Sug Shin, Survivor, Soldier, Sinner, Savior features a stellar ensemble cast, including Cedric Mays (Candyman), Rachel Cerda (Chicago P.D., Shameless), Harold Dennis (Hell’s Half Acre), John Mossman (Chicago Fire, Good Guy with a Gun), Shane Kenyon (Chicago P.D., Olympia), Mace Montgomery Miskel (Chicago Fire), and the aforementioned Danielle Singleton.

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