Chicago Film Critics Association Welcomes New Member Toussaint Egan, Announces Awards Calendar

The Chicago Film Critics Association (CFCA), the Chicago-area print, online and broadcast critics group that celebrates the art of film and film criticism, released their roster for 2023-2024 today, announcing the acceptance of a new member, Toussaint Egan (pictured here). Egan joins the nearly 60 members of Chicago’s premiere film critics association representing local, regional and national media outlets. More on Egan follows below.

The CFCA also announces its 2023 awards calendar: nominations for the organization’s annual honors will be announced December 8, while winners will be announced on December 12.

With the annual Chicago Critics Film Festival each Spring and the CFCA Awards presented in December, the Chicago Film Critics Association is a vital and thriving organization of film journalists, critics and broadcasters influencing the film industry in Chicago and beyond. Finally, the CFCA stands strongly and proudly with colleagues and friends currently on strike in the WGA and SAG-AFTRA; the group has released the following statement in solidarity:

The Chicago Film Critics Association stands with the WGA and SAG members currently fighting for fairer wages, control over their work, and reasonable business practices.

The CFCA declared, “As film critics, we have seen the chasm between studio heads and the artists who made them wealthy grow over the years and support any work stoppage that leads to a more artistically conducive world. The truth is that the system has been increasingly broken for years, and this dual  strike seemed like an inevitable way to fix it. There are many issues at play and we encourage everyone to read this explainer from Vulture to understand exactly what’s being fought for on the picket lines and in negotiation rooms.”

“We also want to make clear that the Board of Directors supports our members in any decision they make regarding covering entertainment during this strike, and would encourage anyone with questions on that matter to check this FAQ from SAG itself that delineates role differences between critics and influencers in this entire affair. While we believe that the analysis of art in our roles as film critics is separate from the business machinations of the industry, we also support any decisions made by individual members and their editors regarding the issue.”


Toussaint Egan has worked as a writer and critic for over eight years, covering film and animation for several publications including Complex, Playboy, The A.V. Club, Paste, and Polygon—where he has served as an associate curation editor since 2021, highlighting the best movies, television, and everything else audiences can enjoy from home.

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