Chicago Femme Leaders Erica Duffy and Rebecca Martin Fagerholm Team Up to Found ‘The Call Sheet’ Magazine

The secret’s out! After a week kicked off by a mysterious Instagram post this past Monday announcing to “Tune in Thursday for Something New…,” Camera Ambassador and Cinema Femme proudly present their latest collaboration: the first issue of a brand new magazine called The Call Sheet

“We always love working with Cinema Femme,” says Camera Ambassador Founder and CEO Erica Duffy, “and we’re so excited to be spotlighting an incredible level of talent in the film industry and an amazing team of writers and creators.” 

Led by Cinema Femme’s Managing Editor Rebecca Martin Fagerholm, the writing staff is composed of all femme and non-binary writers covering cinematic work, ranging from animated short films to feature films from veteran filmmakers. The writing team has completed a mix of interviews and personal essays about specific filmmakers, films, and the industry overall. 

“This magazine is a dream come true for me, and I love collaborating with people who share my passions,” remarks Rebecca, who acts as The Call Sheet’s Editor-in-Chief. “In this case, I’m excited to elevate emerging filmmakers, their work, and their voices. It is a joy to have a platform like this one.” 

Furthermore, Camera Ambassador’s Content Director Connor Smith leads the creative layout as The Call Sheet’s Art Director, ensuring that the magazine is unified through a singular vision and aesthetic. The magazine will be utilizing a mix of styles, including both digital/analog photography and illustrations alike. 

The first issue’s theme is “healing through art”. Each piece will center on how filmmaking helped the storytellers achieve catharsis of some sort. 

“The very act of storytelling can be an incredibly rehabilitative process,” says Call Sheet Assistant Editor Rey Tang. “I’m so excited to be a part of a magazine that highlights each filmmaker’s powerful journey towards finding themselves in art-making.”

The team would like to send a special thanks to their advertisers: CineCity Studios, Cow Lamp Films, Cutters Studios, Gene Siskel Film Center, Hike Creative, Monar Aero, Prysm Studios, Questar Entertainment, Quicksilver Color, and Show Runner.

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