Chicago-based Strange Loop Studios Adds Italian Directing Duo ES.POIRE

From Milan to Chicago. Live action production company Strange Loop Studios has added Italian directing duo ES.POIRE to its roster for exclusive commercial representation in the US.  

The Milan-based pair consists of Marzia De Clercq and Filippo Nava. From their initial collaboration on a  short film in 2009, the couple has flourished working side-by-side, growing their rhythmic style, camera  techniques and family. They bind her focus on talent and meticulous art direction with his emphasis on  operating the camera to elicit emotion via natural flowing cinematography and authentically rooted storytelling. 

“We like to tell stories,” muses Filippo. “For us, every project is an opportunity to do something beautiful, connecting cinema with advertising.” Marzia adds, “What we love most is reconstructing the vital  randomness of reality, organizing the direction so that every little part of the story is controlled, but always  very authentic and alive.” 

The multi-lingual duo have created moving pictures in their native Italian as well as English and French.  Together, they have made their mark on global brands and lensed commercials across the world with a client  list that includes Bic, Bialetti, Four Seasons, Vans and more. 

Let’s take a look at their work for Bic right here…

“The unified work of ES.POIRE offers a fluid visual and emotional richness that elevates storytelling in ways that will no doubt translate to our clients and their audiences both stateside and across the globe,” says  Strange Loop EP, Luca Valente. “Curating different voices in our industry is a continuous goal, and bringing  Marzia and Filippo to the US market is an extra proud moment for me, as a first-generation Italian-American.  I am delighted to have them on the Strange Loop team.” 

“We are very excited to be presented in the US market, and we strongly believe that our partnership with  Strange Loop will be crucial in showcasing our work in the best way: the strong affinity we feel with the  production will be the key to face new challenges with empathy and energy,” says the duo. 

Curious about their name? “ES” in Italian is the freudian “Id” (unconscious desire and instinct) and “POIRE”  is pear (for Marzia and Filippo, the most sensual and juiciest fruit) in French. Together, they sound like the  French term “espoir” aka “hope” — an homage to their hope of a bigger cinematic influence in advertising! 

ES.POIRE joins Strange Loop Studio’s distinct roster with representation by Hapa in the East Coast,  SG+Partners in the Midwest and Yvette Represents on the West Coast. 

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