Chicago-Based KINGPIX Launching Streaming Platform This Month

The new KINGPIX Digital Streaming TV Network is set to launch, according to its founder, and the platform has signed a two-part docuseries from California-based B and B Productions.

KINGPIX will distribute “Generation to Generation” doc series

KINGPIX will distribute “Generation to Generation,” a documentary series on Holocaust survivors, taken from a unique perspective of resilience and even supernatural occurrences of “miracles,” according to the film’s Producer / Director Thomas Biebers.

As for the mission of KINGPIX, the platform’s Founder and CEO L. Pat Williams states, “we want to distribute films that are unique, high-quality, faith-based, but powerful and edgy.”

Williams, a devout Christian, however, states matter-of-factly, “We are not interested in competing with Christian Entertainment platforms; our interest is in competing with Mainstream. We want to slice into that pie.” 

KINGPIX appears to be focused on doing just that as the company, according to Williams, is currently in talks with “several major producers, studios and actors” to develop original content for the network.

Launch Date for KINGPIX

The KINGPIX app is scheduled to go live no later than March 10. Its developers are currently underway to meet the expected launch date, while the company recently celebrated its three-year anniversary last month on February 26.

Kingpix Founder L. Pat Williams

“I started to develop KINGPIX in 2019, then all of a sudden, the 2020 Pandemic hits. But I never stopped working on my vision,”Williams explains.

WIlliams says part of that vision could not be achieved without strategic partnerships such as B and B Productions.

“We are so excited to work with the likes of Thomas Biebers. His extraordinary work ‘Generation to Generation’ deserves to be seen by all audiences and we are fortunate that he has entrusted us to distribute his amazing project on our platform.”

KINGPIX Digital Streaming TV Network will be available via RokuTV and Amazon FireStick, giving the channel access to 180+ countries around the world, including the U.S.

KINGPIX is slated to release “Generation to Generation” docuseries on March 15th.

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