Joey Waldrip Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

What do Garth Brooks, the New York Yankees, and Family Feud have in common? They are all right here as charlieuniformtango Owner, Senior VFX Artist, and Colorist Joey Waldrip answers Five Questions with SCREEN. Survey sayyyyyyysss… Let’s get to it!

SCREEN: If you could be the host of any game show in television history, what would it be?

JOEY: Family Feud!!!  It’s really nostalgic for me.  My friends and family sitting around watching, yelling, laughing.  Super fun times.

SCREEN: Any New Year’s Resolutions still standing this late in the year?  

JOEY: I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions the last couple of years.  I feel we all have been restricted enough.

SCREEN: One meal, one restaurant, and we’re buying. What will it be? 

JOEY: Cote de Boeuf at Rib & Chop House in Livingston, Montana.  Great food, but better memories.

SCREEN: Your go-to karaoke song? Why is it your go-to?

JOEY: Easy, you can even ask the office. Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.”  Everyone knows it and everyone will sing loud to it.  It’s a crowd pleaser. 

[Editor’s Note: Ok well, Joey, we’re gonna listen to Garth sing it today…]

SCREEN: Weekend getaway. Anywhere. Where to? 

JOEY: Paradise Valley, Montana. I started going up there 15 years ago with my Father to flyfish and it grabbed a part of my soul. Nature at its best.


SCREEN: What’s that TV show you’re a little embarrassed to admit you love to watch? 

JOEY: It’s not on anymore, but I would stop everything down to watch Gilmore Girls.  In college we had watching parties. We loved the mother daughter dynamic, it was really well written.

SCREEN: If you could fix one thing, what would you fix? 

JOEY: Holy cow, that is a really hard question.  First thing that came to mind was my daughter’s sink has been leaking and I have been battling this dang thing for weeks.  I know that isn’t groundbreaking.  But, I would love to fix it.  

SCREEN: You can only be a fan of one sports team. Which would it be? 

JOEY: The Yankees. They are always good, I would never have to go through drought years like other franchises.  

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