charlieuniformtango Collaborates on ‘The Turning Point’; Richard Linklater, Trevor Noah Among Exec Producers

Powerful storytelling is at the forefront, and you’ll have your first look this Sunday. charlieuniformtango recently collaborated on Director Gretchen Stoeltje’s compelling documentary, Shouting Down Midnight, executive produced by Richard Linklater. The film is set to kick off the Trevor Noah Docuseries The Turning Point which highlights hot-button issues in America. The world television premiere is set to take place on MSNBC this Sunday, October 23rd at 9PM CT.

Shouting Down Midnight chronicles former Texas state senator Wendy Davis’ 2013 abortion filibuster and its impact on those still fighting today to protect women’s rights. Early reviews have been consistently powerful: Thoughtful, heartfelt, absorbing, informative, ardent… 

“It’s an important film. All of us at Tango were honored to partner on the making of it,” said Keith Munley, charlieuniformtango Austin Executive Producer. “We were grateful for the opportunity to work with the film’s director and producers to help tell the story of this historic moment. It really was a labor of love for all of us. Nick Patronella and Artie Peña spent months working on the color and sound. The challenge of any documentary is to find ways to convey the inherent power of Truth. This film does that: The scene at the end, when the cheering, chanting crowd helps an exhausted Wendy Davis make it past the filibuster’s midnight deadline, still gets me every time.”

“Doing any part in the fight for reproductive rights was an honor,” added Nick Patronella, charlieuniformtango editor who was sound editor and mixer on the film.

Click here to enjoy a clip from Shouting Down Midnight, introduced by Trevor Noah.

And here is the full trailer for the film ahead of its World Premiere…

Be sure to tune into MSNBC this Sunday, October 23rd at 9PM CT.

Poster/Fiscal Sponsor/Interviews/charlieuniformtango credits:

Poster Design: Yen Tan

Fiscal Sponsor: Motion Image Arts & Education

Post Production Facility: charlieuniformtango, Austin, Texas

Executive Producer: Keith Munley

Post Production Producer: Marlee Cutbirth

Operations Manager: David Hannah

DI Editor/Colorist: Artie Peña

Color/Audio Assistant: Katie Allison

Client Services: Kim Tartar

Production Sound Services: charlieuniformtango, Austin & Dallas, Texas

Sound Editor/Mixer: Nick Patronella

Closed Captioning: Cut-n-Crunch

Additional Interviews: Leticia Van De Putte Interview (2013)

Credits for Shouting Down Midnight (Click here for full credits):

Produced & Directed by
Gretchen Stoeltje

Kristi Frazier, Katy Drake Bettner

Executive Producers
Barbara Dobkin, Michael Esposito, Suzanne Lerner, Richard Linklater

Exective Producers for MSNBC Films
Rashida Jones, Amanda Spain

Executive Producers for Time Studios

Ian Orifice, Loren Hammonds, Alexa Conway

Executive Producers for Day Zero Productions

Trevor Noah, Sanaz Yamin, Elizabeth Waller

Executive Producers for Sugar 23
Michael Sugar, Ashley Zalta, David Hillman

Executive Producers for Mainstay
Norman Aladjem
Derek Van Pelt
Co-Executive Producers
Bill & Ruth Ann Harnisch
Charlie Uniform Tango

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