Charlie Uniform Tango Announces Fun New Work for Avocados From Mexico

It’s Football Season… so it’s Avocado Season! Charlie Uniform Tango, LERMA/Agency, Station Film, Thrive Colour, and SHINDIG Music worked together on two thoroughly entertaining :30 spots for Avocados From Mexico, titled “Benched” and “Water Main”. Let’s take a look!

“Benched” features a football player called over to be told he’s going to be benched. The coach announces the bad news to the recognizable and fun Avocados From Mexico jingle, and then presents the player with a yummy tray of avocado treats.

Let’s take a look at “Benched”…


In “Water Main” a woman answers her door to find two workmen who tell her to the Avocados From Mexico jingle that they have broken her water main. They then present her with a tray of avocado treats that make their news go down much easier.

Here is your first look at “Water Main”…

“Telling a story and making it funny is always a delicate balance,” said John McStravick, Charlie Uniform Tango editor. “With Bill and Brian’s vision/experience/collaboration, and occasional foley work, we were able to pepper in lots of funny moments and really dial up the awkwardness of the situation while still putting the product front and center. The jingle is still in my head to this day.”


Agency: LERMA/

Brian Linder, Executive Creative Director/Principal
Bill Cochran, Executive Creative Director/Principal
Stephanie VanderLinden, Principal/Brand Leadership
Elisabeth Zuerker, Account Director/Brand Leadership
Bridget Fontenot, Broadcast + Content Producer

Production Company: Station Film

Brendan Gibbons, Director
Caroline Gibney, Founding Partner/Producer
Doug Chamberlain, DP

Post Company: Charlie Uniform Tango

John McStravick, Editor
Allen Robbins, Flame/VFX Artist
Jake Kluge, Audio Engineer
Michael Wagner, Executive Producer

Color Company: Thrive Colour

Matt McClain, Colorist

Music + Sound Design: SHINDIG

Scott Glenn, Creative Director
Daniel Hart, Sound Designer/Mixer
Austin Shupe, Composer/Asst Creative Director
Debbi Landon, Executive Producer
Caroline Hudson, Head of Production

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