Charlie Uniform Tango and Prelude Films Collaborate on Thrilling New Work for PBR Top 30 

One of the most scintillating leagues in American sport has just turned 30. Two outstanding companies teamed up to bring you a thrilling look at this feat. Charlie Uniform Tango and Prelude Films worked together on two, hour-long television episodes for the Professional Bull Riders League’s PBR Top 30. One episode focuses on the top 30 riders and one on the top 30 bulls. 

Presented by Pendleton Whisky, PBR Top 30 celebrates the riders and bulls who have defined the sport over the last three decades. The episodes aired on CBS Sports Network and Pluto TV, and both are available to watch on the PBR YouTube channel.

The :39 opening title sequence kicking off the celebration captures the heart-pounding, gut-wrenching performances on both sides of an 8 second bull ride.

Director Joshua Gallas said, “When diving into a new world as a director, it’s important to me to find collaborators that will jump in headfirst alongside me. PBR Top 30 is a show that celebrates the 30 years of the PBR by highlighting the 30 greatest Riders and Bulls of all time. Tango went all in on learning the athletes and understanding the brand, sport, and culture of the PBR. I could not have picked a better team to collaborate with to bring this show to life.” 

View PBR opening title sequence here:


You can then click here to view both episodes as 12 videos of top riders and bulls.




Prelude Films (creative and production)

Producer: Seehum Isa
Director: Joshua Gallas
Cinematographer: Andrew Czap

Charlie Uniform Tango (post production)

AP – Zachariah Cousineau
Editor – Alex Campos
Editor – Rodney DeMeglio
Editor – Justin Wilson
Assistant Editor – Austin Cross
Color – Joey Waldrip
Audio – Nick Patronella
Motion Design – Gray Wilcox
Motion Design – Tony Wann
Online/Finish – Joey Waldrip

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