Camp Lucky Welcomes Producer Alex Bronner

Camp Lucky gives a warm welcome to producer Alex Bronner, a longtime friend and industry colleague who has officially joined the creative production and post studio. Alex has been on the production side of the creative process for over a decade, working alongside major brands and agencies. His producing experience includes projects for Yeti, Whataburger, Salvation Army, Levi’s, Garmin, Samsung, Orvis and many others. 

Alex first became acquainted with Camp Lucky through director Jeff Bednarz for whom he produced numerous projects both in collaboration with Camp Lucky and in conjunction with Rabbit Foot. These projects, along with a continuum of crew makes this an organic and seamless next step. 

“Having known many of the folks for some time, and having worked in the same community for many years, this is a very happy marriage that unites us formally and with shared passions and interests,” Alex explains. “Camp Lucky has a massively talented team and it is wonderful to be immersed in a community that cares deeply about creating quality content.”

“Alex is a producer who time and time again delivers on-time and on-budget – without sacrificing creative integrity or production value along the way,” says Brandon Tapp, Executive Producer, Camp Lucky. “His insight and experience with branded content, and direct-to-client storytelling with an outdoor lifestyle focus, is unparalleled. Not to mention, his enthusiasm and thoughtfulness makes every collaboration with him a dream.”

Alex is an Austin native who studied Commercial Planning and Development at University of Texas, ultimately applying many of the same tenants and understanding to the world of filmmaking and production. Having worked his way up from Production Manager and Coordinator before becoming a Producer, Alex has a deep understanding and appreciation for the collective process of creating content.

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