Camp Lucky Welcomes Director Franco Garuti

Award-winning director Franco Garuti has joined Camp Lucky. Franco is a creative talent known for dynamic visual storytelling that unites global perspectives with authentic human connection. His body of work, for such noted brands as Renault, Smirnoff, Bailey’s, Whirlpool, and Telcel, blends believability and naturalism with a modern, cinematic look.

“Franco’s multilingualism includes the language of cinema; his work is purposeful, elevated, and extraordinarily beautiful,” says Camp Lucky EP Brandon Tapp. “He understands how to quickly and astutely deliver an emotional connection to the characters and stories he crafts. For all of these reasons and more, he’s a wonderful and dynamic complement to our roster.”

“I love doing the work I do, and it’s vital to have the right partner and a place to call home,” Franco explains. “Camp Lucky has a personal relationship with agencies and clients who appreciate them as trusted partners and that speaks volumes about who they are. And having other artists, including design and editorial, as part of the Camp Lucky experience is really exciting to me.”

Fluent in English and Spanish, Franco was born in Italy but has lived most of his life in Latin America and the U.S. His passion for travel, and experiencing different cultures, deeply influences his approach and goal of developing stories that resonate with intended audiences. The director’s unyielding interest in creative and technical challenges is ever-present in his work, whether in deceptively simple narratives or highly ambitious experiences. At the center of each brand collaboration is the goal of creating a memorable experience for collaborators and audiences alike.

Franco is based in his home cities of Los Angeles and Mexico City. When he’s not traveling for productions, he enjoys writing and concepting aboard his 40-foot sailboat in the caribbean. He’s also a licensed diving instructor who is dedicated to ocean conservation.

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