Chicago Blackhawks and Daily Planet ‘Hit the Ice’ for Thrilling New Campaign

Hockey season is in full swing, and Chicago’s Daily Planet is in the thick of it. Director Michael Gabriele, Executive Producer Scott Marvel and the Daily Planet squad teamed up with the Chicago Blackhawks for their new spot, “Hit the Ice.” Michael and Scott stopped by to chat with SCREEN about the thrilling new campaign.

First things first, let’s take a look at “Hit the Ice”…

Behind the Scenes with the Creative Team

“My creative approach was to really explore the spirit of Chicago with its rich culture and hardworking individuals, making direct parallels to the Chicago Blackhawks getting ready to work themselves,” director Michael Gabriele shared with SCREEN. “In order to weave together both motifs, I used several techniques including match action and 8mm film to combine the past and present and tie iconic Chicago communities and their workers with the Blackhawks.”

Executive Producer Scott Marvel added, “This was a wonderful opportunity for us to create a mood piece. Michael’s choice of locations, his use of camera movement and matching action, along with grainy 8mm film really gave this a gritty, hard-working feel.”

Speaking of hard work, the team shot over seven days throughout the city of Chicago and in the United Center. Michael worked closely with Director of Photography Paul Incapreo to create a piece that moves seamlessly from scene to scene.

Congratulations to the Daily Planet squad on a job well done, and Go Blackhawks!

Click here for more from Daily Planet... and here are the credits for “Hit the Ice”:

EP                             Scott Marvel

Director                     Michael Gabriele

Producer                   Amy Stewart

Coordinator               Danny Rhodes

PA/Talent                   Adam Rebora

PA/Talent                   Mickey O’Sullivan

DP                             Paul Incapreo

Steadicam                 Ian McAvoy

Steadicam/Drone      Alex Cirillo

AC                             Mitch Buss

AC                             Isaac White     

AC                             Michael Kubaszak

Gaffer                        Steve Semkiw

Gaffer                        Kevin O’Leary

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