TJ & Dave Go To SXSW Via ‘Bettendorf Talks’

TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi are bringing their wits to SXSW, where the pilot of their new series, Bettendorf Talks, will make its world premiere on Mar 10. Playing a pair of half-hearted and half-competent hosts on an Iowa talk show, Jagodowski and Pasquesi wrote the script while notching 20+ years as the nationally renowned, and still performing, improvisational comedy, duo TJ & Dave.

Bettendorf Talks is a show within a show. Combining workaday rigamarole and medium-market broadcast business, it sets the stage for TJ & Dave to interact with a variety of coworkers behind the scenes and in front of the camera — slacker intellect goes to the office. All the while, the TJ and Dave characters seek to regain a level of fame that they had enjoyed prior to becoming part of a morning talk show.

Bettendorf’s largely Chicago-based crew included Director Jack Newell and producer Shane Simmons, who filmed in an actual Bettendorf TV studio and worked with a cast that included Saturday Night Live alum Tim Kazurinsky. Chicago rocker Ike Reilly is the leader of the show band.

Last week, Jagodowski, Pasquesi, Newell and Simmons shared some behind-the-scenes insight about Bettendorf Talks during a Zoom interview with Screen Magazine. The conversation was a delightful mix of reality and foolishness. See and hear it out below.


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