Best and Worst Ads of the 2020 Super Bowl? Ad Execs Make Their Picks!

In the advertising world, Super Bowl Sunday is about anything but football. It’s about the commercials! Ad agency pros from throughout Chicago chatted with Screen about highlights and lowlights from the epic event . . .

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot of the Super Bowl?

Leo Burnett EVP Sarah Block: Google. It’s the one I remember the most for its authentically sentimental tone (in a night filled with over-the-top) and it struck a personal chord. Click here for all of Sarah’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

Quriosity EP Qadree Holmes: I enjoyed the NFL piece. It felt fully integrated with the Super Bowl as a whole. It targeted a strong sense of diversity and the media placement of the ad was perfect. It made me want to learn more about the spot and the journey of the young man featured in it. Click here for all of Qadree’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

Wunderman CCO Kevin Drew Davis: I loved the Jeep “Groundhog Day” spot for pure entertainment value. It had some elements of a product demo combined with national-treasure Bill Murray in an environment we all know. If you’re going to borrow from a film, this is how to do it. Click here for all of Kevin’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

SCREEN: What was your least favorite spot of the night or a spot you felt could have been more successful?

AbelsonTaylor VP Mitch Apley: To me, the Pahk Smaht spot was the celebrity version of the PuppyBabyMonkey spot from a few years ago. The only one more annoying was Cranston’s actual Mt. Dew spot, though the last frame of him as the twins did make me chuckle. Click here for all of Mitch’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

Energy BBDO Senior Producer Vanessa Luhr: Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill . . . missed opportunity . . . snooze fest. Click here for all of Vanessa’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

SCREEN: What would you like to see more of in terms of advertising in next year’s Super Bowl?

mcgarrybowen Senior Producer Sara Martin: Diversity, diversity, diversity. Across the board, Super Bowl commercials play it safe and target a certain demographic. Which leaves a lot of faces and voices out. There were some firsts this year with two drag queens being featured in a spot. But overall, there should be more inclusivity. Click here for all of Sara’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

Creative Director Scott Smith: The Super Bowl is a celebration. I think the spots should reflect that, but not pander to the game. You know, entertaining, smart ideas, which make you want to see it over and over again. That’s not hard to do, is it? Click here for all of Scott’s Super Bowl picks and pans.

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