ASK NO QUESTIONS Directors Jason Loftus and Eric Pedicelli

In turns disturbing, insightful, and moving, ASK NO QUESTIONS was described at its Slamdance premiere as a real-life version of BLACK MIRROR. Directed by Jason Loftus and Eric Pedicelli, the documentary shows the dark side of the Chinese government and how they run a vicious propaganda campaign to discredit the spiritual practice of Falun Gong.

A journalistic true-crime documentary, ASK NO QUESTIONS examines the captivating story of a Chinese state TV insider who is held and forced to accept the state line on a fiery public suicide he believes was a government plot. Evidence is credibly presented, shocking, and thorough, and the investigation leads into allegations of nefarious activity at a governmental scale.

Screen Magazine Correspondent Joanna Kay sat down with directors Loftus and Pedicelli to dig into this explosive investigative documentary…

In this quick clip, Loftus talks about his wife receiving threatening calls while he and Pedicelli were filming the documentary:

Please take in the full interview between Screen Magazine Correspondent Joanna Kay and directors Loftus and Pedicelli as they dig into this explosive investigative documentary: https://www.youtube.com/embed/UrRDC1dmEv8

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